Slack integrations are the lifeblood of productivity and collaboration for your business, but finding the best ones can be difficult with hundreds of integrations out there. To help you find the top 10 Slack integrations you should try, we’ve done a little digging. Below we list the 10 best Slack integrations available today and explain why they are so useful. If you want to know what Slack integration is, keep reading!

What is Slack?

Basically, Slack is a messaging app that takes this idea to the next level. Slack is for teams. It is used on various devices and platforms and has a set of stable features that allow one-on-one chats with colleagues and group chats.

You can also upload and share files with them, integrate with other applications and services, and adjust almost any setting, including the ability to create custom emojis.

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What is Slack integration?

Slack integrations are by definition software products that work closely with Slack, so you don’t have to switch between apps when using your favorite software. We don’t need to close tabs or use different applications to keep working. Integrations are what make Slack a unique and powerful software program; it is an instant messaging and collaboration system and is also a powerful tool that can create summary notifications.

All your needs for sales, marketing, social media and other forms of communication are located in an easily accessible place where your team can discuss and take action. They help you become more productive by allowing you to interact with third-party services directly from Slack channels and messages. These integrations allow you to keep your work chat clean by minimizing outbound links or emails, making it easier to see who’s doing what in all your tools without having to skip different apps.

What applications does Slack integrate with?

Slack, an application that allows teams of employees to communicate and collaborate in real time, works with hundreds of applications – including Google Drive, Google Hangouts, Twitter, GitHub, Trello, Dropbox and Mail Chimp. It is likely that your team will use at least some of these services on a regular basis. To get even more out of Slack, you can integrate with other apps your company already uses.

Types of integrations with Slack

There are a dizzying array of different types of integrations that you can use with Slack to make your life easier. Categories include:

1. Calendar integration

Keep all your appointments and appointments organized by pairing your calendar app with your Slack account. This seamless setup will make your day run smoothly and get ahead of your schedule. Calendar integration applications include Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, and Calendar Bot.

2. Communication integration

This is the ability to streamline voice, video chat and written communications with voice and chat application integrations.

At the touch of a button, you can communicate with those who are most important to your business, whether in the whole room or around the world. Some communication integration apps include Zoom, Google+ Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams Calls.

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3. Productivity integrations

Trying to find a way to stay focused? If you need extra performance, it’s a good idea to integrate your performance software into your Slack workspace to make sure you stay focused.

4. CRM integration

Don’t worry about leaving Slack if you want to get your last chance. Thanks to these CRM integrations, customer information is just a few clicks away. The Salesforce application is an example of CRM integration.

5. Storage and administrative integrations

Easily eliminate tedious administrative tasks by linking integrations to your Slack workspace, which simplifies your life. Some applications are Dropbox, Box, HelloSign.

6. Integrations for remote work

Some apps are Doodle Bot Disco and Loom.

Advantages of Slack integrations

The Slack workspace will allow you to easily and seamlessly consolidate your various tools and workflows, thus reducing the effort required to jump back and forth between different applications. Having all your important data at your fingertips means you don’t have to switch between tabs as often, which is useful when you want to focus on a task or finish a big task.

List of the best Slack integrations

Here are the 10 best Slack integrations for you:

1. Click up

Click Up is one of the most popular tools for productivity and project management in small and large organizations. It would be an understatement to say that the integration with Click Up’s Slack does everything it can to make a simple chat tool.

Turn your Slack messages into Click Up tasks and send notifications of new messages and changes to your Click Up channel.

You can open Click Up tasks in Slack, go through important details and do them immediately.

2. Active campaign

Active Campaign is CRM software for sales teams to maximize their potential.

In essence, it supports teams in email marketing, marketing automation and CRM so that they can keep customers happy and satisfied.

3. Calendly

Its purpose is to enable users to schedule meetings that work for them.

That way, you don’t have to manage a bunch of emails to set up an appointment. It also means that you can sleep without worrying that you will be disturbed by an unplanned meeting.

4. Donut

The Donut app connects colleagues randomly and facilitates short, focused conversations. There is also a test that allows a five-question survey with a maximum of five possible answers.

It comes with reminders to help you and your work partner choose the right time for the online meeting.

5. Dropbox

Dropbox is a more advanced tool for file sharing and document storage.

If your teammates know that the ball will be in your box, they are less likely to miss important information.

There are currently two versions of the Dropbox app in Slack – Dropbox and Dropbox Paper. While Dropbox allows you to share media, files and documents, Dropbox Paper is an online document workspace that allows you to organize and edit all your text, ideas and files.

6. Evergreen

Slack promotes a better team culture and works to create a better future.

You can nominate your colleagues who can nominate your colleagues; once you register them, Evergreen plants the trees for you. The result is that it can be both highly productive and environmentally responsible.

7. Favreau

Favro is a scheduling program that allows you to structure your workflow in the way you prefer. And it allows you to create a dashboard that will show the progress of the whole team, which means that everyone will know their responsibility, whether it is to present the daily report, prepare the presentation or organize the next pizza party!

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8. Giphy

This is where animated GIFs can be found that people prefer more than words.

Allows you to create many animated images (also known as GIFs) to talk to your teammates.

9. GitHub

GitHub is a platform for your software team to easily manage their projects.

This application integration will accelerate your team’s development by giving them access to some of the best code in community-approved projects and repositories.

10. Karma

This is a Slack bot that recognizes employees for their good work and congratulates them when important milestones are reached. An easy way to recognize your teammates is by using this Slack integration, which is based on micro feedback, automatically sets rewards and identifies individual contributions.


There are tons of amazing integrations of weak opportunities. So, try all our suggestions, but don’t limit yourself. Feel free to mix and match according to your needs – the sky is the limit!

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