There are a million reasons to do so no I want to miss our first big technology conference, but here’s a list of the 10 big ones as we start counting down the 10 days before we see so many of you in (hopefully sunny) Brussels.

1) Chats around the hearth with European technological lights

Christo Kerman

Christo is the co-founder and CEO of Wise. Wise is a global technology company building the best way to move money around the world. Launched in 2011 under its original name TransferWise, it is one of the fastest growing and most profitable technology companies in the world and is listed on the London Stock Exchange under the WISE ticker. About 12 million people and companies use Wise, which handles more than € 7 billion in cross-border transactions each month, saving customers more than € 1 billion a year.

Saul Klein

Saul is a founding partner in LocalGlobe and Latitude Ventures. Saul was previously a general partner at Index Ventures from 2007 to May 2015. Recently, Saul was a co-founder of Platoon (acquired by Apple in 2018), Zinc (co-founder of LSE), Kano and Seedcamp (initial investors in UiPath and Revolut), as well as co-founder and CEO of Lovefilm International (acquired by Amazon in 2011).

Heine Zachariasen

Heine is the founder of Vivino, a board member and chief evangelist. To whom he is credited with bringing a technological revolution to the centuries-old $ 400 billion wine industry, Heini created the Vivino platform as a solution for those who find wine confusing. In the early 2000s, before Haney was even in the wine game, he felt lost when he faced a wall of wine in a supermarket. He liked wine, but he never knew how to decide what wine was worth buying.

Haney realized that he was not alone in this concern, and decided to develop a solution that the casual wine drinker could use to choose a great wine at any cost. This was the original vision for Vivino. Today, Vivino is the largest wine community in the world.

All three will share their knowledge on our main stage.

2) Money

Several of Europe’s largest and most productive venture capital and private equity funds join the summit:

  • Index companies
  • Eurasio
  • Lakestar
  • Melted
  • Target Global
  • LocalGlobe – and not only Saul Klein;)
  • Speedinvest
  • Isomeric capital
  • eFounders
  • Seeds
  • Astia
  • LAUNCHub Ventures
  • Riverside Acceleration Capital
  • Angel Labs
  • Startup wise guys
  • Ukrainian Startup Fund

And these are just the ones that will be presented on our stages!

Hundreds more will be present.

3) Money for good

Not listed above, as they deserve to be highlighted separately, we will have representatives from the world’s leading funds that actively invest in green technologies / clean technologies, climate technologies and innovations aimed at sustainable development, including:

We are very interested to hear about their investment strategies, as well as finding and supporting the best of the best.

4) Improving the planet Earth

Speaking of leaders who want to make the world a better place, here are some of the speakers we have hired to immerse ourselves in this:

Of course, the improvement of our planet (and beyond) will be a topic in many sessions.

5) Explore an entirely new network

We will try to understand the metaverse, web3 and NFT using:

Also, all crypto.

The question is: will we succeed?

6) Hiring (and scaling) as a boss

Jono SouthamHe is currently Head of Venture Capital Development in Europe, the Middle East and the Middle East at Google Cloud, a two-time founder with over 20 years of experience as both an entrepreneur and a senior technologist in high-growth corporate technologies.

During his time at Amazon, he spent four years helping manage the Amazon Bar Raiser program, which is dedicated to maintaining a high level of employment. At Google, Jonno is actively developing his team using the Google hiring process. In this conversation, he will guide you through the best practices for hiring the best talent.

We will also talk about the best ways to ensure that the start-up culture survives rapid growth.

TechCrunch’s Mike Butcher will lead a discussion on scaling up organizations that come first with talent Ali NicknamFounder and CEO of fintech star bunq (estimated: € 1.6 billion and counting), Asa Liden who is the Chief Operating Officer at Pitch and Martin Minhopartner in Index Ventures, who has managed their investments in Cowboy, Deliveroo, KRY / LIVI, Personio, Revolut and others.

Not to be missed if you are trying to grow a business!

7) Spotlights on politics

Well, after all, the event takes place in Brussels …

Ludwig SiegelEuropean business editor at The Economist will take part in sparring Sebastian MarotPresident of EMEA at Box, CEO of Scaleway Jan Leschel and Janer Gorokhovco-founder and CPO of Veriff for the rocky road to European sovereignty of technology and data.

Another panel I look forward to is “Growth Regulation: Can the EU lead the way in setting global technology standards?”

Moderated by Mathieu Flightjournalist in EURACTIV, the panel will include:

  • Helen KopmanHead of Digital Innovation and Blockchain at the European Commission
  • Director of EU Policy at Allied for Startups Benedict Blommeier
  • Dex Hunter-TorrikeVice President of Global Communications and Public Engagement at Meta / Supervisory Board

What don’t you love about that?

8) Learn about sustainable ecosystems from professionals

Join these experts on a journey to really learn what innovation ecosystems and start-up communities do:

Entrepreneurs are needed to start a business, but ecosystems are needed to allow them to scale. Don’t miss the chance to take some really valuable lessons in this one.

9) A storytelling guide for both startups and VCs

If there’s ever been a group of people who can outline what startups and venture companies need to do to make their marketing and PR efforts right, this is it:

It can even help you get coverage. 😉

10) Diving into corporate innovation

Join’s Jill Petzinger for a session entitled “Beyond the Corporate Box: Opportunities for Sustainable Growth for Enterprise” as we explore the best way forward for today’s corporate and age innovators.


Again, many more reasons to go, but get your tickets now!

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