Everyone loves a great t-shirt. But what makes a t-shirt even more impressive is when you custom print of your own design.

While you can always run to the store and buy your own t-shirts, there are online print-to-order stores like Vistaprint that allow you to design and print your own t-shirts.This way you can control the look and feel of your t-shirts.

The only problem is – creating your own design isn’t always easy! From choosing the right size to planning the best design, there are many considerations to keep in mind when printing your first shirts.

Here are our top 10 tips for better t-shirt designs.

Where to print your designs

Before we get to our tips, you need to find a place to design and print your t-shirts. We suggest you check out Vistaprint’s online custom service. Thanks to their easy to use design platform, you can print your own t-shirts in just a few simple steps.

Before you start printing, you should try a Vistaprint promo code! Each of these free promo codes will allow you to print great products at a discounted price.

10 tips for better t-shirt printing

When people start printing their t-shirts, they almost always choose the standard size. The problem is that the standard size is often too large for most designs and can overpower the look of your shirt. The bottom line is that size matters! Consider your t-shirt size carefully and remember that smaller is usually better.

  • One size does not fit all

Remember that a t-shirt design will not look exactly the same on every t-shirt. If you are printing both large and small t-shirts, you will need to adapt your design to best fit the shirt.

  • Get the right placement

Remember that the standard place for your design is not right in the middle of your t-shirt, but actually about 4 inches from the collar. This is a common mistake and results in a bad t-shirt design. Always choose your fit carefully as poor fit can result in an uncomfortable t-shirt.

Not all fonts are created equal! Choosing an appropriate font and making sure your letters are positioned correctly results in an aesthetically pleasing t-shirt.

  • Never use more than 3 fonts

Another general rule when working with typography is never use more than 3 fonts in one design. If you choose too many different fonts, you’ll end up with a messy t-shirt that’s hard to read.

If your image quality is too low, usually below 200 dpi, you won’t have enough pixel information to produce a high-quality image. This can cause your design to look blurry and unclear. Choose a high-quality image to ensure the best printing results.

It’s easy for your design to get washed out if you don’t choose the right color. This is also a budget issue, as the more colors, the more expensive your design will be. If you need help choosing the right colors for your design, Look this a guide to color theory.

Images that have contrasting colors make the best designs. If you use too many dark or too many light colors in the same design, you risk your image setting being washed out. The contrast between light and dark colors creates an aesthetically pleasing design that is easy to read.

  • Avoid too much complexity

When you’re just starting to type, keep this in mind it is easier to work with simple designs. The human eye can only process information, so if your design is cluttered, it won’t translate well to print. Keep your design as simple as possible for best results.

  • Avoid borders and edges

If you are working with a photo, make sure you give it a border or edge. Placing a square photo on a t-shirt often looks cheap, but adding a frame to it gives it that professional touch.

10 Tips for Better T-shirt Design Results

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