On tour to promote his latest book, “Construction”, former Apple CEO and iPod designer Tony Fadel talks about technology CNBC. The conversation includes many treats for fans of Apple’s history, but Fadell also shared great tips for anyone involved in enterprise technology.

What follows is a small part of what has been said.

When creating products, think about why

“You have to be able to tell the story of why,” Fadel said.

When designing new products, it is important that what is done is to meet the needs of customers, to solve existing problems or to increase what they can do. Not only that, but good product development doesn’t stop there Whatbut extends to whyexplaining the product and building a story that connects it to people’s lives.

Think of how effective “1000 Songs in Your Pocket” was as an iPod slogan.

Product histories must be substantiated

Your customers are pretentious. If you say that a product can achieve something amazing, it is best to make sure that it meets the claims.

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