GB Data Communications (DCC) announced the connection of the 20 million smart meter to the national network.

The final stage, achieved with the installation of a smart meter by the supplier Utilita Energy Ltd on site in Brighton, also marks the doubling of the size of the network in just 14 months.

With the connection, the DCC network includes 8.5 million first-generation water meters that have been migrated and 11.5 million second-generation electricity meters.

“We are delighted to have reached this stage,” said Angus Flat, CEO of DCC.

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“These 20 million meters were added in less than 4 years. This network is the backbone of a new digital energy infrastructure in the UK as we transform our energy system. Most importantly, the data we carry from these 20 million meters allows for the best possible use of renewable energy sources, which everyone wants. “

DCC aims to provide a secure network that connects smart meters to energy suppliers to communicate energy data and information. About 897 million messages were retransmitted on the network in April.

According to DCC, 20 million smart meters reduce CO2 emissions by 580,000 tons per year.

DCC also notes that in some areas, especially in the Midlands, smart meters are more than 60% used.

Still, there is some way to go in terms of relationships.

According to the latest data The government’s Department of Business, Energy and Innovation Strategy (BEIS) had 27.8 million smart and sophisticated meters installed in homes and small businesses in the UK at the end of 2021.

This corresponds to half of all meters, and 23.6 million of them were smart in smart mode or advanced meters.

The deadline for completing the deployment of the national smart meter is the end of 2025, following delays in the early stages of technical problems and later on the government’s response to block Covid.

20 million smart meter milestone for GB data network

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