It’s officially May, which means that the Remembrance Day sales are just around the corner. To help you get ready for the holiday weekend, we’ve created this guide to provide you with all the best Memorial Day sales and exclusive deals, plus everything else you need to know to make your dream deal come true.

So what can we expect at this year’s Remembrance Day trade event? The holiday weekend is a great opportunity to win offers for basic appliances, mattresses, furniture and technical devices such as TVs, laptops, headphones and smart watches. Remembrance Day is also the unofficial start of summer, so you can find great deals on grills, patio furniture, drills, lawn mowers and more.

We also know that as consumer prices continue to rise, finding truly lucrative deals is becoming increasingly critical. Our team will carefully select the sales and deals that we believe offer the best value, and we will keep you informed of the price history of the items to make sure you get the best bargain available.

Remembrance Day is held on Monday, May 30 this year and we need to start seeing pop-up sales in the coming weeks. If you want to shop for bargains right now, we’ve listed today’s best sales and standout deals from retailers that you can expect to see offers during the official Remembrance Day trade event.

Best sales today before Remembrance Day

Although we haven’t seen an official launch of Remembrance Day sales, we’ve listed the best deals today and stand out deals below. While we look forward to seeing the best deals during the official Memorial Day holiday weekend, you can still find impressive deals right now from retailers like Amazon, Lowe’s, Best Buy and more.

The best offers today before Remembrance Day

When is Remembrance Day 2022?

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