The question I get asked the most besides “What is cloud computing?” is “What career path should I take in cloud computing?” I get it Like almost everyone in the world, you know that the cloud job market is on fire right now. You want to strike while the iron is hot.

The pandemic-driven explosion of cloud computing deployments and businesses moving too quickly to the cloud created a perfect storm. Most enterprises now realize that they need to fix many bugs in architecture and implementation, as well as keep pace with the rapid growth of multi-cloud and more complex cloud computing systems.

For many businesses, ROI for cloud computing is nowhere to be found. Instead, complexity continues to increase costs and risks. Both should be mitigated with good planning and good architecture. The push for the cloud and the cloud skills shortage that soon followed led to many cloud jobs being filled by less qualified candidates. It still happens. Keep in mind that many businesses hire new staff to fix what others have broken.

Assuming you’re all into cloud computing and ready to learn new things, here are some opportunities that will pay the most and provide the greatest opportunities for advancement.

Cloud Architect

That’s obvious. The demand for good cloud architecture has exploded the demand for good cloud architects. Disclaimer: I am biased as I have been an enterprise, product and cloud architect for the past 30 years. I see this as a great career path that can lead to many other leadership opportunities.

There’s no certification you’ll need, although many job descriptions require brand-specific cloud architecture certifications, which I think is an indication that the company doesn’t understand what a cloud architect does. A cloud architect must understand a wide variety of technologies, not just one brand. Additionally, they must understand legacy, cloud, edge, and other emerging architectural models and technologies.

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