Movandi and Rakuten Mobile partner to expand network coverage

5G mmWave is marketed as a high-speed, low-latency network. Despite the bar he set, companies like Rakuten Mobile are trying to provide the world’s fastest multi-gigabit cellular speeds and low-latency connectivity.

Founded in 2016, Movandi has 90 patents filed and 74 patents issued to optimize RF chipset performance, size, and power efficiency and dynamic beamforming and beam steering using intelligent algorithms, software, and cloud-based AI and ML. Its powered smart repeaters and technology are now being used to expand 5G network coverage in Japan.

Partnered with Rakuten Mobile to expand the coverage and capacity of an outdoor and indoor 5G mmWave network in Japan using Movandi’s smart repeater and BeamXR Open-RAN technology. Rakuten Mobile’s 5G mmWave signals provide better coverage while cutting infrastructure costs by more than half.

Tarek Amin, CEO of Rakuten Mobile, said: “Rakuten Mobile is thrilled to partner with Movandi, a disruptive innovator. We were very impressed with their core 5G mmWave technology, which allows us to expand and deploy our 5G network in Japan cost-effectively.”

Mariam Rofugaran, CEO and co-founder of Movandi added, “Our investments and more than 78 issued patents in chipsets, phased array MIMO antennas and software have positioned Movandi as a leading 5G mmWave innovator in the industry. Rakuten Mobile is very selective in its choice of partners, so their choice of our technologies is a testament to our unique approach of custom-designed silicon, antennas and software with advanced AI, network capabilities and cloud control, resulting in significant cost savings for implementation. “

With its 5G architecture from Movandi dramatically improving the way repeater-based systems are designed and manufactured while cutting deployment costs in half, the solutions offered by this partnership are expected to be shipped to India soon after deployment first in Japan.

5G Network Coverage to Extend to India Soon

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