The Realme 5G phone, priced below INR 10,000, will not be launched in India this year, confirmed the company’s CEO Madhav Shet. Realme is known for selling smartphones in the price range of INR 25,000. The company recently made its foray into the premium segment by launching the Realme GT 2 Pro. Unfortunately, the company will not release 5G phones below 10,000 INR this year. However, there are phones below 15,000 INR in the country. Shet talks about market growth this year. He claims that extending the smartphone’s refresh cycle will have an impact on market growth.

The CEO revealed that Realme spares no effort to reduce the prices of 5G phones. In addition, the company will not reduce the specifications and performance of these pocket-friendly 5G phones. It is also unclear when the company will launch its first affordable 5G phone. However, the Realme 5G phone is unlikely to be released in India in 2022. In an interview with ETShet said Realme wants to make 5G devices more affordable. The company wants to be a leading provider of hardware in the Indian government’s digital vision for 5G. However, there is a shortage of upcoming 4G chips. Meanwhile, China is benefiting from the popularity of 5G.

Introducing Realme 5G for handheld phones in India

So 5G chips will be needed to ensure a phone with good performance. In addition, it will be difficult for brands to provide decent specifications for an affordable 5G phone, Sheth explained. He also talked about whether 5G phones priced below INR 10,000 could be launched in India after spectrum auctions. Shet says carrying a 5G phone that costs less than 10,000 INR will be difficult, even though prices are falling. He also predicts that phones below INR 10,000 are unlikely to arrive this year. However, this could happen in 2023, because the democratization of 5G technology has begun. In addition, he does not support the idea of ​​using 5G as a marketing tool.

Madhav Shet

Instead, he believes that 5G should be the reason consumers want to upgrade. He continued to acknowledge the crisis in the supply chain in an interview. Sheth said the worrying gap between supply and demand is narrowing. He also said it was better than before. Recently, the gap between supply and demand has been narrowing. This is mainly due to the fact that there is a significant increase in replacement cycles. In particular, companies will have inventory for six months if the entire life cycle is increased by six months. It will also help companies bridge the gap between supply and demand. Things will probably improve in the near future.

Shet also noted that the initial chipset shortage is now in a “minor scarcity stage.” The growth of the market will depend on the extension of the refresh cycle of the smartphone from 18 to 24-30 months. In addition, this impact will be reflected in the April-June quarter.

Realme 5G Phones Priced Under Rs. 10,000 Unlikely To Launch In 2022

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