Want to learn about one of the most reliable ways to generate revenue from a website? Increase traffic and earn money by paying per click. This model of online advertising allows advertisers to improve their marketing by paying every time a user clicks on their online ads. One of the most common types of PPC is paid search advertising, where the ad appears when people search for keywords using a search engine such as Google. Here are some of the best ways to make money with pay-per-click advertising.

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How could you make money with PPC?

There are various platforms for using PPC, including Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Yandex.Direct and other advertising platforms on social networks. In addition, the advertiser has many options to earn money by paying per click, from placing ads for their customers as freelancers to participating in affiliate programs. While some ways are best for newcomers, others require advanced skills. Learn about the six most promising ways to make money by paying per click.

6 ways to make money with PPC

The following different ways to make money with pay per click help to create a stable income when combined with strategies, including new market trends.

  • Make money by paying per click with Google Adsense

Ad networks like Google AdSense are one of the easiest ways to make money by paying per click. Website owners only register with the ad network and place the code they provide on their website. Google AdSense is one of the best choices, but it requires approval once you sign up. The more traffic your website attracts, the higher your revenue will be.


Advertising in Google search results

Profit: You can earn up to $ 30 per 1000 visitors. If the advertiser’s company belongs to niches for web hosting, insurance or affiliate marketing, you will be able to make $ 3 to $ 5 per click.

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2. Make money with pay-per-click ads as a freelancer

Several freelance sites such as Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer can help you find high paying clients. However, this method requires good feedback and evaluation from the freelance platform. You can also offer your services to locals and friends or ask for recommendations. However, you will need some industry experience to estimate how much effort and time it will take for a particular project.

Profit: A freelancer may charge a certain percentage of the client’s advertising budget or charge a price based on their effectiveness and value.

3. Development of landing pages for PPC

A seamless combination of ads and landing pages is vital to consistent results. You can make money by paying per click by creating conversion landing pages for PPC advertisers. Strong knowledge is needed to use landing page constructors, such as

  • Rejection
  • Hubspot
  • Top pages
  • Instapage

Profit: The landing page creator can earn up to $ 25 to $ 100 per hour. Profits can vary depending on the complexity of the page and the experience of the developer.

4. Create advertising copies for PPC advertisers

Copies of PPC ads affect Quality Scores, clickthrough rate, and other metrics. One must be skilled in creating a decent copy and follow the rules and advertising formats.

Writing a good advertising copy requires thorough research, transparency and consistent use of the right keywords.

Profit: Freelance advertising copies can make up to $ 40-60 / hour on average. Fees may vary depending on the person’s experience.

5. Work as an in-house pay-per-click professional

You can make money by paying per click by becoming part of a company’s marketing department. An in-house PPC professional works with a team and coordinates with other marketing departments to gain faster ad approval, test landing pages, create campaigns, monitor existing campaigns, and offer optimizations. The profession requires experience in advertising on FB, Microsoft, Google and often PPC certification. Unlike other options on this page, this option guarantees a fixed salary, supplemented by health insurance and other bonuses.

Profit: A PPC pro earns up to $ 50,000 a year in the United States.

6. Write articles to make money by paying per click

Several top websites pay content creators a certain percentage of advertising revenue. So a good writer will be able to earn passive income by using only good writing skills in the role of marketing and sales. The industry requires content that drives traffic to the advertiser’s website. As the website progresses, there is also an increase in advertising revenue on the website.

Profit: The average price per word for this niche is $ 0.05-0.15. An experienced author in the US can earn up to $ 300-500 per article.

Discover the best ways to make money with pay-per-click ads. The field is profitable, but requires the ability to adapt and adapt to new market trends. Healthy experience and certifications can help advance from extra income to a full career in a short period of time.


1. How much money can I expect to make with pay-per-click ads?

The amount varies depending on what ad is displayed. Typically, a site makes about $ 0.10 to $ 1 per click, while high-paying advertisers can offer up to $ 6 to $ 7 per click.

2. Do Facebook ads work on PPC?

Facebook serves as a pay-per-click marketing channel. So, an advertiser pays every time someone clicks on their ads. Fees also apply to video views, ad impressions, and other important metrics.

3. What are some good PPC affiliate programs?

Some of the best pay-per-click affiliate programs are

  • Media.net
  • RevenueHits
  • Skimlinks
  • Infolinks

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