“Until recently, SiC devices came in D2PAK 7lead packages,” according to the company. “The TOLL package offers 30% savings in PCB space compared to the D2PAK package, and with a profile of 2.30 mm, it takes up 60% less volume.”

The inductance of the packet is 2nH and a Kelvin source is provided to reduce gate noise and therefore switching losses. Onsemi claims a 60% reduction in power-on loss compared to a device without a Kelvin source.

“Packaging our best SiC mosfets in the TOLL package not only reduces space, but improves EMI’s performance,” said Asif Giaquani, general manager of the company.

650V 73A 33mΩ NTBL045N065SC1 is On’s first TOLL SiC mosfet, aimed at switching power supplies in servers, telecommunications, solar inverters, uninterruptible power supplies and energy storage. “The device is suitable for designs that must comply with ErP and 80 PLUS Titanium,” it said.

The maximum operating temperature is 175 ° C and the total charge of the gate is 105nC. MSL 1 (moisture sensitivity level 1) is guaranteed for its packaging, the company said.

IN The product page NTBL045N065SC1 can be found here

Electronics Weekly requested a better illustration of the Onsemi TOLL package

PCIM: 650V SiC mosfet in TOLL package saves space over D2PAK

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