Do daily stressors deplete your vital energy levels? Do you know deep down that meditation can help you, but on some level you repeatedly tell yourself that you do not have time or do not know how to meditate? Well, you will learn all about meditation and the best meditation apps to help you.

By the end of this article, you will know how to get started and have the best apps to start feeling like your best self.

7 best applications for meditation in 2022

When you start to transcend your ego, you will not want to go back after experiencing a tasting of selflessness and the whole package of positive emotions that come with it.

So, let’s dive into the seven best meditation apps to help you unlock all these benefits.

1. Calm down

This app is among the most popular there, mainly because there is a children’s meditation section for children between the ages of three and 17. Whether you’re on the go, at work or in a quiet place, Calm down there is a set of features and a mix of voice artists that guide you among people like Matthew McConaughey.

Calm launches new original meditations every day and offers users a seven-day free trial to truly experience the experience.

2. A simple habit

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

You may have heard or seen this meditation app at Shark Tank in 2017. Its popularity has exploded since then.

A simple habit is known for its 5-minute meditations, really ideal if you are always on the go or struggling to block a regular meditation interval in your daily schedule.

Among its many guided meditation options, one of its popular selling points is the ability to use the app offline in its premium subscription. You can now take your meditation guide with you wherever you go.

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3. Headspace

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

Headspace is perhaps the most famous of all meditation applications, so much so that it has its own series of guided meditations on Netflix. It is marked as the “gym of the mind”.

Headspace It also offers short meditations for people on the go, but is very popular with its complete beginner courses and a set of free introductory meditations. Its first-class subscription has a larger library of single meditations and courses to choose from.

4. Aura

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

Perhaps less well known than previous applications, aura stands out as it uses AI-powered technology to learn more about you and your emotions to provide you with personalized meditation recommendations. There’s also a built-in Thanksgiving diary, as well as free three-minute meditations if you’re not ready to upgrade to premium yet.

5. Breathe

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

The main advantage of this mediation application is its ease of use. Breethe hosts a 12-week daily meditation program to help you build a meditation habit.

If you are not looking for meditation with a guide, Breethe offers many other features, such as bedtime stories and many sounds from nature. Who said you have to be five years old to be read for sleep?

6. Buddhify

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

Subscription meditation app only Buddhify hosts over 200 personalized meditations. Most of its options are very useful for anxiety, sleep and other emotional problems.

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Meditation sessions range from three to 40 minutes and are ideal whether you are new to meditation or experienced.

What’s great about Buddhify is that there is a timer available for all uncontrolled meditations. If you have experience, you will find that this will prevent you from parting for hours.

7. Unplug

7 best applications for meditation 2022 (according to wellness coach)

We finally have Unplug. This meditation app also has a meditation timer as well as a progress tracking tool to see how far you have come in your mediation journey. It offers a 30-day challenge, as well as many short and long meditations, suitable for all daily and life stressors.

Although expensive compared to its counterparts, it offers a seven-day free trial to really experience the app for yourself.

Your life is energy

If you didn’t already know it, everything in the universe around you is energy. Everything you perceive, feel, touch and taste is a vibration of energy at its core.

Life energy or prana, as it is called in yogic philosophy, flows through you every moment of every day, keeping you alive. This energy, when in tune, aligns your body, mind and soul to work in harmony.

Unfortunately, growing up, most people are not taught how to effectively align these three elements. As a result, the flow of unconscious thoughts that you think about and focus on every day ultimately utilizes a vital part of the life energy flowing through you.

How much energy you expend in your thought process depends on what you are thinking about.

For example, when you think positive thoughts, you will not be very likely to want to resist such pleasure. Therefore, your energy levels will certainly remain well connected to the source that supplies you.

Given this, given the negative biases of the human mind and our tendency to avoid pain, most of what you think unconsciously will be distorted to negative thoughts, negative emotions and stress. They tend to make you resist the life energy flowing through you, which makes you feel exhausted.

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Just like a dam, every time you engage and persist in negativity and negative emotions, you upgrade and strengthen the barrier that blocks the free flow of your life force. In fact, every time you get into a fit of anger, your immune system is depleted for up to eight hours.

Many health problems related to stress nowadays often occur due to depleted and blocked energy levels and uncontrolled thought processes. Fortunately, meditation can be a powerful tool to reverse all of this and even allow you to make significant lifestyle changes.

What you can win

Meditation is not complicated to define. This is the process of instilling a state of deep peace in yourself, training your attention and awareness all the time. This can be done by following the instructions of a trained practitioner or by using one of the following meditation applications.

Just like any new appliance you buy, you will probably need to look at the instruction manual to get started. Well, the same can be said for meditation.

Meditation is not a complicated practice at all. Although, if you’ve never tried it before, the guide can help you get started by directing your flow of thoughts and focus. The guide will act as an instructional guide to help you get used to your new meditation practice.

Meditation has many unique benefits for your mental and physical well-being. Adopting a regular meditation routine with the following meditation applications will help you go a long way in bringing peace to your life.

Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

1. Still your mind

When was the last time you counted zero thoughts floating in your head? Wouldn’t it be great to reach such a point and enjoy moments of calm, deep relaxation and silence regularly after guided meditation?

2. Sharper focus and cognitive abilities

As you become more conscious, you will notice increased abilities in yourself to act more often than to react to the circumstances in your life.

This will also allow you to focus more on the solutions rather than the problems in your environment.

3. Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression

Given that most anxious and depressive feelings arise from cognitive distortions, regular meditation practice can help you become acquainted with your higher self, your soul.

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From this place of consciousness it will be easier for you to sit quietly over your thoughts, unaffected by the turmoil that is happening below.

4. Decreases heart rate and blood pressure

As you relax your body and focus on deep relaxing breaths, you activate the parasympathetic nervous system in your body. As you do this, it allows your heart rate to drop and your blood pressure to drop as your blood vessels begin to open.

5. Help cure health problems

Yes, the body has the ability to heal itself in certain circumstances when given the opportunity. Life energy is also healing energy when you allow it to flow freely, undisturbed throughout your being.

Guided energy meditation allows your bodily processes to store and generate more healing energy than they could otherwise do in a stressed and exhausted state.

6. The dream

Directed energy meditation seems to penetrate your deeper brain waves to instill a state of deep relaxation. The calmer you feel and the calmer your mind, the easier it will be for you to fall asleep.

Even better, as your practice becomes a regular habit, you will notice that you don’t really need so much sleep to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day. Simply because as long as you live more than a state of lightness, your body needs less rest to maintain its energy and work efficiently.

7. Cultivate gratitude and compassion

Love, gratitude, and compassion for oneself are often difficult to find in today’s ego-driven and chaotic world. Regular meditation practice can help grow these positive emotions towards yourself and others.


After experiencing the deeper dimensions of your consciousness and higher energy levels, it will be difficult for you to want to go back and stay in an exhausted state of stress. So why not indulge in this positive experience every day with these seven best meditation apps?

Just 15 minutes of guided meditation a day is more than enough to unlock all the amazing benefits listed above. The best time to plan your new habit is in the morning after waking up or just before bed.

It is important not to expect to notice any of the benefits immediately. Like most tools for self-development, guided meditation is a lifelong process.

However, with patience and perseverance in your practice, your life journey will take a new positive direction and these meditation applications will make it more fun in the process.

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