We probably only have days left with the release of Google’s latest Pixel phone – potentially the key Pixel 6a midranger. So it seems safe to say that the topic of Googley phones will appear a lot in the coming weeks, with great new hardware being the main topic right now.

The good thing about Pixel phones, though, is that you don’t have to have the latest and greatest model to find some fantastically useful new tricks. Google is constantly updating its pixels with both large and small features, and it’s too easy to lose some of the finer touches in shuffling.

So today, as we prepare for a new round of Pixel equipment, I decided it was a good time to step back and dig around to uncover a handful of wonderful Pixel shortcuts that have been neglected and / or forgotten by many Animals. , adoring Android.

And while some of these shortcuts may seem insignificant, don’t be fooled: all those saved seconds will add up absolutely when you sprinkle them all day long.

Make your way through these seven time-saving Pixel out of sight – and then, if you’re still hungry for more (you, insatiable beast, you!), Come sign up for my free e-course at Pixel Academy to reveal even more hidden pixel magic.

Okay – done?

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