7 home office organizers that every remote worker should have

Keeping your home office clean can promote increased productivity and concentration. Proper organization can also minimize anxiety, whether from procrastination or disorganization.

Everyone needs a special workspace to make the workflow simple and efficient, from your documents to all kinds of cables and cables. Searching under your pen documents is not exactly the perfect use of your time and way to maximize your productivity.

With some home office organizers and office accessories for all kinds of work-related tasks, setting up a home office set up for remote or hybrid work is as easy as ever. We have listed some of our recommendations to help you achieve all your professional goals right from home.

Types of organizers for home offices

Cabinets and drawers

Cabinets and drawers are not just for your kitchen! Creating some home office cabinets can improve your workspace by providing more storage space for a variety of office supplies. You can place your cabinets or drawers next to the place on your desk, on the walls or anywhere else that works best for your workspace.

Office compartments

Your desk should provide you with enough space to handle your computer and everything else you need while working. The ideas for organizing a home office for your desk consist of:

  • Keep important things close: Organizers can help you keep everything clean and easily accessible. So you don’t have to waste your time looking for stationery when you need it.
  • Use of storage space: Don’t clutter your desk with items you hardly use – keep these things in drawers, cabinets or shelves.

Technical widgets

One of the most creative and affordable home office ideas you can use is to minimize technical waste from your desk. You get more storage space by using metal or plastic gadget hooks to control your cables and gadgets. Clips, tricks or holders are also available to keep everything organized and prevent entanglement in your workspace.

7 home office organizers that every remote worker should have

1. Desk organizer

Recommendation №1: Stackable desk tray organizer

desk tray organizer

The first part of organizing a home office is collecting and categorizing items. The most significant complaints of office workers are large piles of documents, including bills, documents, files and even random printouts. These items accumulate so quickly and are also very easy to lose. It would be best to get multi-level trays such as the HOYRR desk organizer.

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This device can be used to store a variety of items in addition to paper, such as stationery, diaries, or notebooks. People prefer tidy levels to build so they can adjust accordingly. This desk organizer can be arranged on two, four or even six levels that allow categorized organization based on urgency. Once you organize your documents with the trays, you get a tidier desk.

You can find many other level trays such as desk organizers. But this specific model has a unique and chic aesthetic look that is simple but eye-catching.

Whether you work remotely or in a hybrid environment, the organizer works for every desk, space and building.

Recommendation №2: DESIGNA Arranging desk organizer

On the other hand, you may prefer a desk organizer that is more durable. If you have more space for a home office or work in a hybrid model, store a lot of work items at home and in the office.

This device can work with large paper files, documents, pens, gadgets, etc. There are also additional compartments for pens, pencils or other office supplies. DESIGNA is the more expensive of the two network models, as there are additional folders with files and cardholders.

The design is not the most modern, but its functionality distinguishes it. So, regardless of the environment in your home office, you get a great organizer.

Recommendation №3: Yamazaki Desk Bar

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The new era of home offices encourages minimalism for greater productivity. Clutter and scattered pages do not build on the most efficient workspace. This sleek Yamazaki model is ideal if you want to save space in your home office or carry a compact desk organizer while traveling in the nomadic office.

The desk bar works great for people who want something more compact and minimalist. It provides basic organization and design with clean lines to create a work of art, not a simple desk organizer. Steel and wood give it a stylish look, while allowing it to store everything from stationery to glasses and other gadgets such as phones.

2. Cabinet / shelves organizer

Recommendation: LUMAMU 3-stage bamboo desk organizer

Organizing the desk space is easy. But you need to accommodate your other office supplies, and sometimes a desk organizer is not enough. This is where the LUMAMU three-stage bamboo shelf comes in. This shelf organizer has four partitions with three levels to increase functionality and storage space.

Workers can also enjoy the bamboo material as it is environmentally friendly. They can help add a touch of nature and style to an otherwise gloomy workspace. The shelf and its two drawers also allow you to store a variety of office supplies for easier use.

Although not ideal for hybrid or nomadic workers, it is a great addition to a home office space, especially if you want a specific style.

3. Drawer organizer

Recommendation №1: BINO multifunctional drawer organizer

Drawer organizers are also great for home organization. The BINO model includes two drawer organizers packages with four compartments each. The compartments are available with a gripable rubber lining for people who prefer acrylic lining.

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The drawers also have a rubber support so they don’t shake when you open your drawer. And what makes it better is that both packages are quite affordable, so they are sometimes a better option for organization than bulky desks or shelves.

These drawer organizers are removable, so you can enjoy them in your home office and use them in hybrid and nomadic capacity. Although the design leaves something to be desired, it is still comfortable and promotes clean organization at an affordable price.

Recommendation №2: Expandable organizers for bamboo drawer dividers

Surprisingly, you don’t even have to buy drawer organizers separately. Whether you are traveling, in the office or working from home, you can create your own organizational system with these dividers.

Each of them is made of bamboo to provide good durability and style, especially suitable for today’s wooden desks for home office. The dividers are also detachable. You can use multiple partition options to fit as many office supplies as possible.

The only drawback is that the dividers work well in larger drawers. So small compact office desks may not be able to fit inside. But other than that, these are a great affordable option for a drawer organizer.

4. Technical organizer

Recommendation: Vitacd cable clamps

You usually think of documents and office supplies when you think of office clutter. But something many people overlook is the clutter your phones, computers and printers leave behind.

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Cables and chargers can also clutter your desks in the workspace, making work a mess. You can use cable tie clips to catch cables that always slide off the desk or fall out of range.

They keep your cables in place in an organized way. You can also remove the self-adhesive backing whenever you want, so you can use the wires as you wish. The clips are easily portable, so you can set them at home or take them on a trip or to the office.

Bonus: How to organize a home office for maximum productivity

In addition to the above organizational tools, try the following tips to maximize your productivity in your home office:

1. Fix your lighting

Poor lighting can lead to eye strain, weakness, anxiety and other physical and psychological problems. One of the best things you can do to boost productivity is to change the lighting in your home office.

If possible, leave a little natural light – it provides good lighting, improves mood and costs nothing! If it is not possible to adjust your workspace near a window, use indirect lighting instead. It is still bright and will not strain the eyes.

2. Paint your walls

Color has a significant effect on our psyche and productivity. When it comes to work efficiency, white provides the worst environment. Similar to providing different desk space settings, provide a variety of color environments suitable for different activities.

3. Control the noise level

Noise is the most common problem with work space, especially in a noisy neighborhood or home. Sound suppression or white noise systems eliminate unwanted sounds by producing sounds that can mask noise pollution. Noise-canceling headphones are also an affordable alternative that you can easily carry around with you if you can’t get the whole system.

See some of our recommendations here: 7 best noise-canceling headphones to increase productivity

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Organizing your home office is more important than you think. When you’re not managing your workspace, you may find that it affects your productivity. You can use many strategies for organizing the office, such as desks, shelves, drawers and clips. The ideal combination makes your work more comfortable and increases productivity.

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