Part of the Pixel’s core appeal is the phone’s phenomenal software. Not all Android experiences are created equal, as anyone who’s spent seven seconds with a Samsung out-of-the-box setup can tell you, and Google’s clean and simple approach to Android is a huge part of what makes the Pixel so enjoyable to use.

Still, while the Pixel may be perfectly peachy from the moment you turn it on, Google’s smartphone software is full of hidden features and advanced options that can make your experience even more exceptional.

And whether you’re setting up a shiny new Pixel 6a right now or holding an older Pixel model in your suspiciously sticky paw, taking the time to consider some of your phone’s most easily overlooked settings can take your Pixel adventure to a whole new level.

So grab whatever Pixel you’ve got, grab a grape soda for good measure, and let’s reveal some of your Google phone’s biggest secrets. And don’t miss coming check out my free Pixel Academy eCourse to reveal even More ▼ advanced intelligence that hides in your favorite Pixel phone when you’re ready.

Pixel Setup #1: Your friendly genie holding the phone

Some of the Pixel’s most practical features revolve around the brilliant bits of Google goodness available on the phone calling front – and yet most of those elements are turned off by default and barely highlighted in Google’s marketing. Find out, huh?

First and foremost is the Pixel’s incredibly useful Hold for Me system, which will automatically recognize when you’re put on hold and offer to take the brunt for you. The system will actually monitor the call on your behalf and then alert you audibly when a real (supposed) person is back on the line – so you can continue drinking your grape soda and giving each other saucy winks without worrying, that you will miss something.

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