Google claimed to have achieved a desired level of quantum computing excellence with its Sycamore system in 2019. But the problem it used to make the claim has just been solved by today’s accelerator of choice, the GPU. As reported by Science, researchers in China recently managed to solve the same computational problem that led Google to claim the title, despite being equipped with “only” 512 GPUs, which led to some clever changes to the original algorithm. However, the whole concept of quantum supremacy refers to the moment when a quantum computer solves a problem that would be impossible for a classical computer.

At the time, Google said it would take the fastest supercomputer at the time – provided by IBM Summit – an ungodly 10,000 years to solve the same calculation that its Sycamore quantum computer did in 200 seconds. The Chinese team’s 512 GPUs took fifteen hours to do the same.

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