BATTON ROUGE, Louisiana (BRPROUD) – A 22-year-old man from Baton Rouge was arrested after allegedly chasing people with a machete on Cherry Hill Avenue on Saturday night.

Official arrest documents say that around 11 pm on May 7, the dispatchers of the Sheriff of East Baton Rouge received a call about a man chasing people with a machete in the 10,000 block on Cherry Hill Avenue. Deputies were told that a man, now identified as 22-year-old Lusvin Gonzalez, came out of an apartment and allegedly attacked another man.

The victim told lawmakers that Gonzalez opened the door of the victim’s car and hit him several times. He also allegedly strangled the victim. Arrest documents show that the victim had traces corresponding to a battery.

Deputies were also told that Gonzalez had a silver machete with a black handle, which he allegedly used to chase people and damage the victim’s car.

The EBRSO says that because of his violent nature, Gonzalez was detained in handcuffs, which were double-locked, and then checked for tightness. The machete was found in his apartment.

Gonzalez was arrested and sentenced in East Button Rouge Parish Prison for ordinary criminal property damage and assault.

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