By building new homes with materials that do not require as much ongoing maintenance, builders increase the quality of each structure while reducing the nuisance factor. This is a trend for new homes in 2022, which takes people back their time, whether they are experienced home buyers who are shrinking or young families who are buying their first homes.

After all, in the last few years, the increased time spent around the home requires projects and construction that do not require a relative increase in the amount of cleaning and repair.

Envelopes add efficiency

Everything that surrounds the living space falls into the category of the building envelope. The main concern of the builder in the planning and construction of the building envelope is to control the air quality and temperature of the future owner to be clean and easily regulated.

Low-E, double, triple or quadruple windows minimize air movement both inside and outside the home. In addition, high-performance insulation plus a better-designed roof complete the list of improved building envelope materials.

When the building envelope is more secure, home HVAC systems – from the furnace and fan of the whole house to the air conditioner and filters for each component – do not withstand as much wear as they regulate the temperature. As a result, they may not require much more than regular, scheduled maintenance for several years.

Durable materials steal the show

The lower-maintenance building materials used in today’s new construction not only include more Earth-friendly options, but help homeowners spend less time on preventative maintenance and upkeep.

Countertop surfaces such as quartz or quartzite products, for example, are made from readily available natural materials or recycled materials. With low absorption, they are stain resistant, easy to clean and do not require regular application of sealant to look new.

The same goes for new options in luxury non-hardwood floors, such as luxury vinyl tiles, bamboo, composite wood or porcelain tiles. Manufacturers of these products use durable, self-healing or abundant materials.

Although quartz and luxury vinyl tiles can be more expensive than hardwood or granite, they return time and money to homeowners in their durability and ease of cleaning. Savings begin to accumulate on the first day, given how long they last.

Paint features quality upgrades

The use of low or no VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint by builders also contributes to better air quality in new homes. And these eco-friendly paints are also available in a variety of easy-to-clean coatings, such as eggshell and satin, which are easier to wipe off than flat paint.

Thick layers of semi-gloss coating on doors, windows, cornices and staircases are wiped clean and can also withstand damage.

Problem-free yards help the planet

More than ever, outdoor living is a key component of home life and entertainment. Another edition of this weekly column will include even more of the latest innovations in outdoor living spaces.

So far, a few basic points when it comes to solutions around low-maintenance yards and others. For a start, consider limited use of grass and, where possible, choose durable, more drought-resistant grass.

The newly built house can be offered with a front lawn and an irrigation system in the ground. But spend a few months during the construction process to decide how much lawn you actually want – and need.

Also consider gravel, river rock or one of the many varieties of mulch around the perimeter of the house instead of greenery, which will require a good amount of watering. The irrigation system can then be used for drip lines for watering annual pots or seasonal, drought-resistant plants native to California.

Simplify trimmings, moldings, extras

Some buyers choose to give up wood for items such as stair railings, balustrades and new pillars. Stainless steel balustrades with round bars, for example, provide a chic look. Feather dust is more than enough to clean them and removes wear from wiping painted or stained wood.

These balustrades can go well with traditional or modern furniture, as well as different styles of window sill design, including some of the most elegant-looking – 5-inch flat sills. Give up the fourth circle between the floor and the ledge if you can; it’s just another layer that can be scratched or dusted.

Finally, a new home in the bay area comes with or needs a fireplace? For starters, wood stoves and fireplaces are not allowed in new construction in the Gulf region. And many cities and counties in California are seeking to ban even gas fireplaces.

If your home needs to have a gas fireplace, keep it level with the walls to allow flexible arrangement of furniture. Even better, move the radiators to the patio with propane gas, thus expanding the year-round living space both inside and out.

A new home simplifies life

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