My time with Mojo Vision CEO Drew Perkins was limited, so I didn’t have time to ask him if he’d seen this year’s The Batman, where the title character regularly uses AR contact lenses to augment his nighttime detective work. As the first person to wear a functional prototype of Mojo’s AR contacts in development—a major milestone for Mojo—Perkins would be the best person to assess the credibility of Bruce Wayne’s lenses.

No matter. What I was able to talk about with Perkins when Mojo SVP of Product and Marketing Steve Sinclair and I spoke earlier this week was the importance of Mojo’s progress. The bottom line: Sinclair’s earlier prediction that Mojo lenses could be sold within the next decade seems a lot more realistic now that the CEO himself is wearing a working lens.

“It really confirmed that all the pieces were working,” Perkins said. “Everything was working together, the eye tracking was working[…] and my eyes felt good.

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