If the thought of sitting on a plane for even a few hours makes your upper lip tremble uncontrollably, then look away now.

Australian carrier Qantas has just announced a new route between Sydney and London, which will leave your ass glued to the seat for almost 20 hours.

To be honest, the Airbus A350-1000, which will fly the new 19-hour route, will be specially configured to ease the stress of what will be the longest non-stop commercial flight in the world when it takes to the skies. in 2025

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This morning we had a special welcome @Airbus A350-1000 in Sydney – The aircraft will operate non-stop flights from Australia to other cities, including New York and London, from the end of 2025. pic.twitter.com/ldXHEihHtq

– Qantas (@Qantas) May 2, 2022

The design will include, for example, a well-being area that offers passengers a place to move, stretch and hydrate.

Those who can afford a first-class seat on board the plane will be able to relax in luxury apartments with a separate bed, sun lounger and personal wardrobe.

Business suites will offer similar benefits, while the new Premium Economy seat will offer a decent 40-inch seat tilt (the distance between one backrest and the same seat on the next seat). However, the 33-inch inclination of the Economy seats may lead taller people to consider booking a stopover somewhere like Singapore or Dubai so they can get their limbs out of the rigid position in which they are placed.

The extra space provided for the seats means that the aircraft will have only 238 passengers, which is the lowest compared to any other A350-1000 in operation.


Passengers concerned about air quality because they are stuck in a 38,000-foot metal pipe for so long will be happy to learn that the plane’s HEPA filters will freshen the air every two or three minutes while removing 99 .9% of circulating particles, according to Qantas.

The carrier said it had purchased 12 Airbus A350-1000s for direct flights between Australia and other places, which will also include New York. The direct flight between Sydney and London will be four hours shorter than its usual service, making it a refueling stop.

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce said the new plane will make almost every city in the world just one flight from Australia. This is the last frontier and the final solution to the tyranny of distance that traditionally causes travel to Australia.

Joyce added that the airline’s direct flight between Perth and London, which launched in 2017 to become the first direct flight between Australia and the United Kingdom, shows a strong demand “for the convenience and time-saving of this type of travel if the product and the service is right ”, which suggests that the Sydney route may also be popular.

Shorter travel time and greater convenience are certainly far from the first Sydney-London route, which Qantas launched in 1947. This particular trip took an amazing 58 hours and seven stops.

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