There is always a comparison between iPhone and Android phones in terms of features, price and quality, etc.

Both mobile systems have their pros and cons, but a new study has revealed the nature of people who use iPhones and those who use Android phones.

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In the study, Android users were rated better than iPhone users. According to the findings published on Jerry, a comparative car insurance device for smartphones, Android users are better drivers than iPhone users.

The report says it analyzed the driving behavior of 20,000 drivers gathered during 13 million kilometers of driving. In all tests, Android users were better than their iPhone counterparts.

“Jerry analyzed data collected by 20,000 drivers over 13 million kilometers of driving over a 14-day period. The data generates an overall result for driving, as well as sub-results for acceleration, speed, braking, turning and distraction. “Then we grouped the results by smartphone operating system and different demographics,” the report said.

IPhone users have been found to be more likely to check their phones while driving than Android users.

The study also found that Android users are more open and honest than iPhone users. The report also states that Android users are not as attracted to luxury as iPhone users.

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