METARI, L. (COM)WGNO) – Investigators are working to find the person responsible for the pit bull terrier being found barely alive under a bridge in the New Orleans area.

A dog, now aptly named Hope, found a structure in a kennel under Clearview Overpass in Jefferson Parish. She was too weak to stand when she was rescued.

Chief investigators from the Jefferson Animal Welfare Service (JPAWS) say that despite their long years of service to animals, they were shocked to see Hope’s condition.

Veterinarians at Metairie Small Animal Hospital work around the clock to help save Hope’s life. Those who wish to donate to Hope’s care can donate, call Metairie Small Animal Hospital at 504-835-4266 and ask for Sean Olson, who monitors Hope’s account.

Meanwhile, detectives also began turning to the Hope Reward Fund to find the person responsible for Hope’s condition. A prize of $ 1,500 has been offered.

“Hope’s life is hanging in the balance and we are asking for the public’s help in identifying the person (s) responsible for causing Hope’s suffering. We are also very grateful to the professionals at JPAWS who responded so quickly and efficiently. Without their quick response, Hope probably wouldn’t have lasted more than a few more hours.

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