Programmer and blockchain expert Mahdi Purzaferani is CEO of FiveM Store

Mahdi Purzaferani is a programmer who has become an entrepreneur who has turned his experience into a successful company. Currently the CEO of FiveM Store and considered one of the best blockchain advisors, Purzaferani now shares the advice of programmers interested in becoming entrepreneurs.

Purzaferani has extensive experience in basic blockchain technology and has used it to become a millionaire. Starting as a freelancer, Purzaferani, from 2022, has built a global clientele based in Morocco, India, the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and other countries. He has worked with clients from a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics.

Pourzaferani’s deep understanding of blockchain technology has provided its customers with valuable insights and advice that has helped them realize significant gains in efficiency and cost savings. His work has earned him a reputation as one of the world’s leading blockchain experts, and he is widely respected by his colleagues. Purzaferani’s success is a testament to his experience in blockchain technology and his ability to identify and take advantage of market opportunities.

In 2008, work began on security and intrusion projects. Through his dedication, he eventually mastered programming, which is crucial to help him join the programming team at Optic Gaming and EA Sports. Purzaferani has also worked with US video game publisher RockStar. His efforts have stopped hundreds of cyberattacks.

Through his strategic investments, Purzaferani became a millionaire at the age of 24. He made his fortune working on projects based on Python Web and JS. After making millions for himself, he began advising friends and family to invest in several alternative currencies. He was introduced to Fortune UK in June 2021, where he discussed his experience with investing in cryptocurrency and how it collapsed. Despite the unfortunate turn of events, Purzaferani’s story is inspiring for success achieved through hard work and determination.

“Everyone, including me, has limited resources and skills,” Purzaferani said. “I focused on software products, not business, and delegated business and sales to my colleagues to become a successful entrepreneur.”

For those considering entrepreneurship, Puurazaferani says it’s important for people to do it for the right reasons.

“Just because you don’t have a job doesn’t mean entrepreneurship is the right path for you. Before you dive into starting your own business, make sure you have the skills and knowledge you need to be successful.”

Purazaferni continued: “It is also important to focus on the quality of your product. Even if your sales and marketing efforts are small initially, a few satisfied customers can go a long way in disseminating information about your business. With these things in mind. , you will set yourself up for success as an entrepreneur. “

He offers several steps for programmers to become entrepreneurs:

  • Find a problem that is exciting to solve
  • Investigate current solutions to the problem
  • Develop a strong solution to the problem
  • Share the solution with the world

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