Skolmore continues to develop its Click Smart + home automation range and introduced a new wireless smart scenario switch designed to control lights and appliances from anywhere.

The battery-powered wireless smart scenario switch allows you to control multiple luminaires and appliances with a single click, creating a variety of smart solutions that bring extra convenience, comfort, security, energy savings and ultimately more control at home.

There are many possibilities:

  • Create a different atmosphere for each room by customizing the lighting.
  • Pair the smart switch with ClickSmart + or ESP Fort Security devices to improve security.
  • Set routines for turning lights on and off and appliances as needed to help create a more energy-efficient home.

Working in conjunction with the Click Smart + hub (sold separately), the smart switch offers six possible activation clicks (one to three when clicking up and one to three when clicking down) to maximize the scenarios that can be controlled.

The intelligent switch is designed with the advantages of the Scolmore GridPro module in mind, allowing users to choose any desired finish. It can be mounted using the clamp mounting method or by screw method directly to the front panel. The module is available in white or black.

It can be configured in the ClickSmart + application for remote switching – by wireless pairing with a ClickSmart + switch and dimming devices. Multiple devices can be added to each push-to-run action, and grouping of actions can create a number of scenarios around the home, such as leaving home – one click to turn off all paired devices.

Decorative smart contacts are now available in all coatings

Also new in the ClickSmart + range are the additional decorative contacts and coatings. 1 and 2-group Smart products in some of the company’s most popular ranges – the series of screwless Definity, Deco + premium decorative and decorative accessories for wiring Deco were added at the beginning of the year, defined in certain coatings. The range has already been expanded to include all coatings – black nickel, brushed stainless steel, stainless steel, polished chrome, antique brass, polished brass, satin brass and pearl nickel.

Smart scenario switch added to Scolmore’s ClickSmart+ range

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