A woman rescued after crashing into a cool river from the Apple Watch SOS feature

Reported by:| Edited by: Aayushi Source: DNA Web Desk Updated: June 25, 2022, 11:36 AM IST

Over the last decade, technological breakthroughs have made life easier and simpler. Whether it’s controlling your TV from your smartphone or changing the lighting in your home with a voice-controlled Bluetooth gadget, virtually anything is possible. A female float recently used the Apple Watch SOS feature to call 911 and be rescued. The swimmer was trapped in a rock in a frozen river. Last week in Oregon, Colombia, a woman crashed into a rock and signaled 911 using her Apple Watch, after which she was immediately rescued.

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According to a police complaint in Dulles, Oregon, the woman was approaching exhaustion and showed signs of hypothermia when she was rescued. In short, it was a traumatic experience that she escaped only because of the Apple Watch. In particular, the Apple Watch includes an SOS option that allows users to call an ambulance by simply pressing the side button for a few seconds. However, this requires a mobile and activated plan to function without the user’s iPhone nearby. Water resistance was added to Apple’s 2016 smartwatch series to offer customers health and exercise data when swimming and participating in other water sports.

The police report states: “Officer Reims assessed the scene and found that the rescue of the swimmer should be immediate and that he would be able to help with the rescue only by entering the water to feel how the trap occurs as the water it was too murky and fast to allow any visible inspection from above. “According to the report, Reims rushed into the water downstream of the swimmer, freed her stranded leg, and led her to shore.

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