Andreesen Horowitz, popularly known by the nickname a16zSilicon Valley venture capital group plans to invest $ 500 million in Indian startups, according to a recent TechCrunch report.

According to the report, several high-level partners in a16z, including Seema Amble and Sumeet Singh, have been in talks with a number of Indian startups over the past few months, and a16z is currently seeking to hire local talent to continue its Indian startup space. .

Earlier this year, the a16z managed to raise a huge amount $ 9 billion for the growth of risky companies and biofunds, and is already a significant supporter of the cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinSwitch Kuber – its first investment in India. According to reports, the company is currently considering investing in an Indian startup worth $ 250 million, managing an opinion-sharing platform. It is also reported that a16z is negotiating with a Bengaluru-based startup at an early stage of Fintech (Totally “Open up”To guess, right?)

Obviously, it’s very difficult to push this through wordplay, so it would be a smart assumption that the a16z has an eye on the Koo App, an opinion-sharing platform that was also last rated at nearly $ 250 million.

Andresen Horowitz, who, according to reports, entered the Indian market quite late. However, co-founder Mark Andreesen vaguely expressed interest in the idea. In an interview with the Stanford Graduate School of Business six years ago, he said it was “extremely tempting” to support start-ups in emerging markets. He also explained the difficulties faced by VC groups in exploring this option, saying “If [Venture Capital] continues to be a practical business like this, then the problem of geographical remoteness arises, which is that if I’m not present in another geography, do I really know these people to make decisions. So what a bunch of companies are trying to do is hire local teams. But the main problem is that if the local team is really good, then they can easily leave and run their own companies. If they’re bad, they stay to work for me … which has its own problems. “

a16z will spot well-known venture capital competitors already boasting a dominant presence in the Indian startup. Accel, Lightspeed, Sequoia and Softbank have made significant moves in the Indian market.

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