Leading microforming specialist Accumold is pleased to announce that it will contribute to the International Meeting of Microtechnology Business Network (IVAM) Europe Meet the United States 2022 event, which will take place on 30you June.

The event is aimed at life science companies and research institutions across the value chain from technology developers, component manufacturers, software, testing and analytics companies to manufacturers and users of medical devices. The presentations and discussions will address current issues related to microtechnology and microengineering products for life science applications.

Where can micro-technological components solve the challenges of the modern healthcare system? How can modern products, such as mobile on-site diagnostics, wearables, smart implants or vaccines and medicines, produced in microfluidic systems be developed, manufactured and used sustainably and cost-effectively? How can European and American companies work together to become more competitive in the global market?

Aaron Johnson, vice president of marketing and customer strategy at Accumold, said: “Accumold is pleased to have been asked to contribute to this important virtual event, which will focus on fostering collaboration between component manufacturers, device manufacturers and consumers. Europe and the United States, as as well as initiating joint research and development projects and exchanging experience on the challenges of the respective markets. Accumold will present as a success story a US company entering the European market. Accumold is perhaps the largest and most experienced microforming company in the world, based in Iowa, USA, which now has a global customer base and a significant share of the precision molding business focused in Europe. As an assistant for companies that want to expand in foreign geographical areas, we can advise you on the opportunities and pitfalls that exist, and we can point out how real and sustainable business initiatives can be implemented in a time and cost effective way.

In the field of micro-forming, everything is related to heritage. Since 1985, Accumold has been a pioneer in the art and science of microforming and is recognized as a world leader in the production of extremely small plastic parts that require extreme precision – usually measured in microns. The company is skilled in the production of small parts with micro characteristics from 5 cm to less than 1 mm and has specific experience in insert molding, double shot molding and molding in clean rooms using a range of materials, including PEEK, LCP, and most engineering thermoplastics.

The company is unique in that it is truly vertically integrated and as such is able to work as a one-stop partner in the development and production of medical devices and components. Under one roof Accumold offers design and materials support, micro tool production, in-house micro-forming services, advanced metrology, assembly and automation, and this facilitates streamlining the customer’s product development process and achieving optimal timeliness. , price and accuracy.

Johnson concludes: “As a company with a long and highly respected lineage, we need to move towards providing business opportunities in different geographical areas in the same way as any other company, large or small, experienced or inexperienced. We hope that the issues we will discuss at the IVAM event will illuminate the path that needs to be taken to ensure business growth and business success in foreign geographical areas for our colleagues in the microtechnology sector.

“Europe meets the United States 2022” will be held via Zoom 15.45 – 18.30 CET 30you June 2022 and those interested can register for the event HERE.

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