When it comes to training, the average professional golfer spends approximately three to four hours perfecting his full swing and approximately the same amount of time for his short game. But GOATs like Tiger Woods start their day at 4 a.m. to squeeze in a little fitness workout before heading to the green for a real workout.

Of course, if you enjoy golf only occasionally, there is no point in spending hours after hours concentrating on your techniques. But practice can still go a long way, especially if you need to improve your placement. Blind rolling will get you nowhere, so you need to approach each attempt with the intention of making it sink. You can also benefit from the help of learning aids such as Turn it off. Choosing a rated editor at Golf Digest in 2018 and 2020, this tool is specifically designed to improve the speed of your ball. For a limited time you can put it on sale with a 41% discount.

PuttOUT, which is also the winner of the ISPO Award 2018, is designed to simulate the exact conditions for placing in a real hole in the green through its innovative parabolic curved design. When you make a successful start, it automatically returns to you the same distance it would have walked if it had missed, allowing valuable feedback to improve the pace. It is also designed to return good punches and repel bad ones, making each training session effective.

This tutorial features an ergonomic design that folds easily to fit in your golf bag. It is made of high quality, elastomer and translucent polycarbonate for increased durability. It is also worth noting that it was invented in London by renowned product designer Martin Reedford, using training that professional golfers use to build confidence to achieve the perfect shot.

Put the right way with PuttOUT. It usually costs $ 43, but you can get it on sale for $ 24.99 for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

Achieve the perfect putt with this award-winning training aid

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