As documented by Miguel Angel Jimenez Garcia.

I know there are countless success stories for professionals who started in the post office and reached the executive package, but they are becoming rarer. Today, even the smartest, most aspiring professionals need to acquire certain formal skills in order to achieve their goals. I have always believed that I have great insights and ambitions, bigger than just describing my work, but I often felt that my ideas remained deaf.

I realized that I needed to learn some new solid skills to use my innate abilities and drive to grow to my full potential. Unfortunately, I did not have the time or flexibility to attend personal lessons, while working full time and caring for my children.

After several unsatisfactory roles, I was hired as a product owner at the ThermoFisher Scientific office in Carlsbad, California. It was there that I was exposed to the flexible process that led me to Simplilearn’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) training program. After receiving the certificate, I felt that I was much better prepared to share my ideas and work smoothly with my colleagues.

Overall it was a really good experience. After completing my PMI certification and subsequent certification, I saw many differences in my career.

Postgraduate program in Agile

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One of the main differences was that my training and certification led to the fact that my ideas and contributions were taken seriously and had a positive impact on my entire organization. This training helped me take my already sharp mind and determination to the next level.

The challenge: Starting a satisfying career

I started my career as a call center agent at an early age, pursuing my bachelor’s degree in computer science. Empowered by my new degree and ready to take on more responsibility, I took a job as a business analyst at a telecommunications company. My position was to generate estimates based on analysis reports, but what I really wanted to do was create a product, improve the customer experience, and develop tangible solutions.

I have always been an innovator and an “idea person” at heart, but the ordinary reality of the job did not match my ambitions or abilities. The boundaries and restrictions placed on my workplace have left my ideas routinely ignored. Once I realized that the job was not suitable, I looked for a more suitable job.

Then I found myself in another telecommunications company, but in a different role, to manage teams and contribute to product development. It was much closer to what I really wanted to do, but the organization was not very innovative, did not accept new processes and – as a result – failed to provide the space I needed to realize my true potential.

Finally, I was hired as a product owner at ThermoFisher, where the team adapted flexible methods and other promising ideas. Here I attended work-related meetings focused on flexible technologies in order to increase team productivity and increase customer satisfaction. From these meetings I decided that I want to learn practical techniques for planning and estimating the cost of the project using flexible methods. Then one of my friends offered me a project management certificate through Simplilearn.

Agile Scrum Master Course (FREE)

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Agile Scrum Master Course (FREE)

The Simplilearn solution: Turn ambition into action with a project management certificate

As a working father, I wanted to continue my career and learn the tools that would help me find lasting success with an employer, but I needed something to work with my schedule. I looked at a wide range of online certification programs in my price range, but found that Simplilearn’s Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®) curriculum and format were best suited to my needs.

With my unique combination of instructor-led lessons and videos at my own pace, in addition to real-life case studies and simulation exams, I believed this would be the perfect solution. I even managed to pass the exam on my first attempt after completing the course materials. I tried to spread the information about Simplilearn among my colleagues, encouraging them to constantly develop their skills in order to stay on the curve.

I had such a positive experience with the program that I followed it with Simplilearn’s Lean Six Sigma green belt certification training program. The combination of these two certificates increased my professional flexibility, increased my profile in my organization and worked wonders for my career in countless other ways. In short, adding the right skills to my toolkit allowed me to reach my full potential.

The results: authoritative balance and influential contribution

I always knew that I had the experience to have a more direct impact at work, I just needed to adjust my skills. Armed with a powerful PMI-ACP certificate, I now understand the terminology and processes used by my colleagues and am able to communicate my ideas in a workable way. Simply put, people began to listen to me and support my efforts to cultivate change and improvement. With the right knowledge, I was able to convey intelligent solutions to project-related problems.

Motivated by the desire to help others turn their ideas into reality, the Simplilearn certificate gave me the opportunity to meet charming professionals from various companies around the world in the IT industry. And since my goal is to create a research and development team to help turn ideas into products and services, I am excited to have the opportunity to make a significant contribution to various projects.

My colleagues already acknowledge my knowledge and experience in project management and regularly ask me to interview applicants to help determine their abilities. Beyond the office, I feel that I grew up as a person and I am grateful that I have the ability to express ideas and turn them into reality. I look forward to becoming a lecturer and attending conferences related to my profession and helping people solve their problems.

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Stuck in neutral? Get certified and run your career at a high level

I’m still the same person I’ve always been – intuitive, intelligent and highly motivated – but now I have the tools to use my natural gifts properly. If your career is not moving in the right direction, do not be discouraged. Get certified. Simplilearn’s highly effective approach to applied skills training can take your career to new heights. Check out Simplilearn’s wide selection of project management courses today and get ready for a brighter future.

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