IN Hot Pod Summit held recently in Brooklyn, Adobe released a prototype of a new artificial intelligence music creation tool called “Project Music GenAI Control.” The tool uses generative AI technology to help users create and edit music without professional audio production experience. Users only need to enter a text description, such as “upbeat dance” or “sad jazz,” and Project Music GenAI Control will generate music in the appropriate style. Users can also customize the generated music using integrated editing controls, adjusting repeat patterns, speed, intensity and structure. In addition, the tool can remix music videos and generate audio loops, perfect for content creators creating background music and soundtracks.

Project Music GenAI Control

Adobe says Project Music GenAI Control will also be able to adjust the generated audio “based on a reference melody.” It can also extend the length of audio clips to meet the required duration, such as for fixed animations or podcast clips. As of now, the actual user interface for editing the generated audio has not been announced.

Although similar music generation tools already exist on the market, such as Google’s MusicLM and Meta’s open source AudioCraft, these tools can only generate audio through text prompts. These tools also do not edit the generated music. This means that users either continue to generate audio until they are satisfied, or manually modify it using professional audio editing software.

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Nicholas Bryan, senior scientist at Adobe Research, said in a press release

“One of the most exciting capabilities of these new tools goes beyond simply generating audio… They, like Photoshop, give creators deep control over how they can shape, adjust and edit audio just like you manage images at the pixel level .”

Project Music GenAI Control was developed by Adobe in collaboration with two universities. They are the School of Computer Science at the University of California and Carnegie Mellon University. The project is still in the “early experimental” stage. It may be integrated into existing Adobe Audition and Premiere Pro editing tools in the future.

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In closing, Adobe presented its innovative AI music creation tool Project Music GenAI Control in Brooklyn. This tool enables users to generate and edit music effortlessly using generative AI technology and intuitive controls. Unlike existing tools, Project Music GenAI Control offers customization options and editing capabilities. This allows users to shape and refine their music compositions according to their preferences. Developed in collaboration with leading academic institutions, the project represents a significant advance in audio editing technology. As Adobe explores further integration options with existing editing software, the future looks promising for creators looking for seamless and intuitive audio production tools.

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Adobe launches an AI music generation and editing tool based on text