AE Artesyn power shelf for the latest 21 ”open shelving systems provides efficiency over 97% and allows the transition to 48 V power supply rack in data centers

Advanced Energy Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq: AEIS) – a world leader in high-tech, precise solutions for power conversion, measurement and control – today launched its latest Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack version 3 (ORv3), compatible with high density AC – DC power supply shelf with industry-leading energy efficiency. Fully compliant with the latest ORv3 1OU 21 ”open shelving standard, the Advanced Energy Artesyn power shelf supports the evolution of up to 48 V power rack architecture that minimizes energy consumption and improves the reliability of computing and storage applications in hyper-scale and enterprise centers for data.

Offering 15 kW N + 1 redundancy with a peak efficiency of over 97%, the new power shelf can be powered by single or dual AC inputs. It holds up to six single-phase AC-DC hot-swappable power supplies with a power output of 3 kW and a replaceable shelf controller. Each power supply can supply 50.5 V, 60 A output and accepts input from 180 to 305 Vac. The narrow output voltage range eliminates large design and simplifies downstream conversion to lower voltages.

“This new power shelf addresses the need to increase payload and power density, minimize power consumption and ensure interoperability between leading data center hardware by moving to interoperable power conversion solutions,” said Harry. Soin, Senior Director of Technical Marketing, Advanced Energy for Hyperscale Data. centers. “In addition, hot-swappable functionality and a secondary power supply option increase the overall reliability of the system.”

The AE Artesyn power shelf is compatible with star, triangle and single-phase input configurations and includes hot-plug, DMTF Redfish®-compliant shelf controller for simple, secure monitoring and control over Ethernet. Modbus / PMBus communication interface ™ is also provided for monitoring and control.

Rectifiers offer active power factor correction (PFC) to achieve ultra-low harmonic currents in accordance with EN / IEC 61000-3-2 and EN 60555-2. These include protection against overvoltage, overcurrent, undervoltage and overtemperature. Internally controlled variable speed fans reduce energy consumption by precisely combining the cooling required for operating power conditions.

For detailed product information and technical specifications, visit the power page and power page.

Advanced Energy has a long-standing contribution to the OCP ORv3 standard and a leading tool for powering a 48 V stand. The launch of the AE ORv3-compliant power shelf marks another milestone in the company’s contribution to the transition to 48 V architecture. For more information on OCP, visit

Advanced Energy’s ORv3-Compliant Power Shelf with Hot Swappable PSUs Delivers Industry-Leading Efficiency

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