The Aerospike database is equipped with native support for JSON document models in the latest version 6. The update also adds massively parallel secondary indexes.

Aerospike Database is the NoSQL database that underpins the Aerospike real-time data platform. Aerospike Database 6, released on April 27, both introduces support for JSON document data models and promises to provide millisecond performance on a gigabyte to petabyte scale. JSON and JSONPath query support allows you to store, search, query, and manage richer and more diverse data.

Aerospike Database 6 also improves support for Java programming models, including support for JSONPath queries to store, search, and manage complex datasets and workloads. Database support for large-scale data models positions Aerospike to add time series, graphs and more data models in the future, the company said.

The Aerospike database is specifically designed for real-time real-time data processing, with applications in areas such as telecommunications and financial services, including fraud analysis and risk understanding. Massively parallel secondary indexes in Aerospike Database 6 support partition and page queries and give secondary index queries the same speed and efficiency as primary indexes.

Also in Aerospike Database 6, an improved API package allows heavy read / write and mixed workloads to reduce round-trip travel time and network traffic, while improving concurrency. Federal security compliance is maintained through FIPS 140-2. SQL support is available via Spark and Presto / Trino plug-and-play connectors Aerospike Connect.

Stakeholders can start with Aerospike via company website.

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