The iPod was launched a little over 20 years ago, forever changing the technology industry and helping to redefine Apple’s products as luxury items – not just gadgets.

IPod is already dead.

Today, Apple discontinued production of the latest iPod, which still sold, iPod Touch. And lest you think the company has another media player around the corner, he does press release it became clear that the iPod was gone. Apple’s senior vice president of global marketing, Greg Jozwiak, says:

“Music has always been part of our core at Apple and providing it to hundreds of millions of users in a way that has affected the iPod not only in the music industry – it also redefines how music is discovered, listened to and shared.

Today, the spirit of the iPod lives on. We’ve integrated an amazing music experience into all of our products, from the iPhone to the Apple Watch to the HomePod mini and the Mac, iPad and Apple TV. And Apple Music provides industry-leading sound quality with surround audio support – there’s no better way to enjoy, discover and experience music. ”

I repeat: iPod is dead.

I admit that I don’t have too many sentimental words about iPod. I was the weird Zune man, so you’d better read my colleague Colum’s retrospective if you want to scroll the old click wheel down the memory bar.

But even someone who doesn’t like Apple like me can’t deny how important the iPod was. It was the rare product that defines the category, the one that shapes and functions in a way that few products have since.

Of course, there are still many media players for portable music fans; Sony is still on sale Walkmans (Walkmen?) Worth thousands of dollars. And it’s not like the iPod Touch sold very well, otherwise Apple wouldn’t have stopped it. Most people’s music needs are well served by their iPhones and Android devices.

But as good as it is to have phones that can do little by little, there is something to be said for a device that is really good at one thing.

Apple says it will continue to sell iPod Touch until stocks last. Something tells me that they won’t last long, if only because people will buy them out of nostalgia. After all, this is the end of an era.

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