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Feeling numb to the last Scandal with Elon Musk, I went looking for another celebrity feud to obsess over for a while. There was no way I could enter the toxic cesspool that was Amber vs. Johnny. And I could care less Ted Cruz’s opinion of Pete Davidson.

But The process of Ouagata Christie? Oh, my friends, these are the things. The case introduces us to two warring WAGs (wives and girlfriends) of famous British footballers. One WAG, Rebecca Vardy (Jamie’s wife), is suing another, Colleen Rooney (Wayne’s wife), for slandering her on social media. Vardy allegedly leaked inconvenient information about Rooney in the press, which led Rooney to embark on a search mission in the style of Agatha Christie to find the rat. This led to some sinister revenge, a phone mysteriously dropped into the North Sea, and a slave-covered drama in the courtroom.

There are some many more ridiculous detailsbut other serious issues require attention. Still, if you need a mental break from worrying about the bear market, you can do worse than reading a little Wagatha.

The crypto party was as noisy as ever – and then someone turned on the lights. After the collapse of the stablecoins destroyed about $ 400 billion in market capitalization last week, the crypto industry was left with shaky confidence and a huge hangover. The information reached a dozen investors, founders, traders and members of DAO, asking them to share their emotions and point out their losses. Although their responses to the crisis may vary, crypto-maximalists share at least one thing in common: eternal optimism in the face of financial collapse.

Days after the expiration of a draft decision to overturn Rowe v. Wade, Flora spoke with Janeke Parish, a former Apple product manager who was fired in October 2021 after organizing a workers’ initiative to oust the company from Texas. due to government abortion policy. Parish shares her personal story of her own abortion as a teenager, her recent unwanted pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage, and her new life in the Netherlands.

In the second part of our Screentime series, Annie talks to former Musical.ly president Hoffman about his personal phone habits, his conversations with Jimmy Iowa and the reason he downloaded more than 30 different dating apps. (Purely for research.)

“Some of the world’s largest companies are betting their future on XR [augmented and virtual reality] it is becoming central to modern life – to trade, education, entertainment, the arts and, of course, work, “wrote lawyer Britt Heller. “This can go in at least two directions: to a more inclusive future that allows people to transcend their physical differences and limitations, or to a shiny simulacrum of our unequal present.

Viewing: One way to recover a blocked Instagram account
This is a story we’ve heard before: Instagram removes a creator’s account after posting too many risky images. Faced with such a scenario, one creator of OnlyFans took a special kind of initiative. On “No jumper”Podcast, guest Kitty Lyxo guide listeners through her pre-platforming journey. According to Lixo, she searched for Meta employees on LinkedIn, DM sent them from what she called her “backup but still clumsy account” and then arranged to have sex with them. Meta has not yet commented on the allegations, but you will be shocked to learn that after the alleged meetings with Meta employees, Lixo’s account was miraculously restored.

Listening: The Modern Sk8r Boi— “Crypto Boy”
With an apology to Harry Styles, there is only one song that is repeated at Weekend’s House. This is a song about the separation of TikTok “crypto boy” and well, slaps. Singer Salem Ilezé, best known for her earlier hit TikTok Disney’s Angry (250 million streams in Spotify), left the hook and allowed followers to add their own verses. The result is incredibly playful, spiced with first-class crypto wordplay (“Mention NFTs one more time and we’re guaranteed not to fuck tonight”) and a certain love of blockchain obsessions: Nobody cares about your crypto, boy, at all. no, not even a single household coin.

Reading: The nuns of TikTok
Drink, sister! Anna Furman of the New York Times introduced us @nunsenseforthepeople, a TikTok account owned by Sister Monica Clare, an Episcopal nun in New Jersey, has gathered more than 164,000 followers on the platform. Furman talk to the nurse and other members of the thriving TikTok nun community. TikTok nuns take part in dance trends, explain different parts of the nuns’ lives and even a joke other nuns. “I keep telling the other sisters, ‘Get on TikTok!'” Said Sister Monica Clare. If we are hidden, we will die.

It makes you think

This is the end of an era in South Florida.

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