Technical PR Agency, Stone Junction gave four interns permanent contracts after joining the internship scheme in 2021. The four graduates have different marketing and STEM experience.

Becky Snow, Stacey Plast, Aurelia Michael and Zmina Hawthorne joined Stone Junction last year on a three-month internship. After making an impression, each of them helped to prove the value of the internship scheme that Stone Junction implements each year.

Possessing strong scientific experience, Snow holds a first-class degree with honors in Biological science and a master ‘s degree in Molecular biology while Michael holds a master ‘s degree in Counseling and psychotherapy.

Meanwhile, Plast graduated from the University of Staffordshire with a bachelor’s degree (with honors) from English literature and creative writing until Hawthorne joined Stone Junction in January 2022, a year after completing his postgraduate degree in Public Relations at the City University of Birmingham.

“Ever since Stone Junction started, it’s been part of our culture to give graduates a chance to prove themselves. Too many companies focus solely on recruitment experience, but the quality of the day-to-day experience is what counts, ”said Richard Stone.

“In the current economic climate, I think it is important to give young people the opportunity to start their careers, and we are sure that we can ensure that every day they have is a quality experience.

“Some of the most successful and long-standing members of the Stone Junction team were alumni when they first started. “Great attitudes and a desire to learn can often go beyond industry,” he said. Stone Junction has an extensive compensation scheme and focuses on employee welfare, which often attracts trainees.

To learn more or apply for the Stone Junction Internship Scheme, Press here.

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