What you should Know:

AGS Helloprovider of revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and a strategic growth partner to some of the largest healthcare systems in the US, announces the launch of AGS AI platforma connected solution that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and automation with award-winning human-in-the-cycle services and expert support to maximize revenue cycle efficiency.

– The platform enables healthcare organizations to gain enhanced visibility into day-to-day operations and overall revenue cycle performance, including intelligent worklists, performance reports, customized dashboards, root cause analytics and executive reporting. Performance trends and predictive analytics help prevent bottlenecks, reduce bounces and mitigate revenue leakage.

Key features of the AGS platform

Cloud-based technology can be deployed in just weeks – not months – to help accelerate operational and financial stability while freeing up valuable internal resources. The end-to-end RCM platform provides a complete set of revenue cycle solutions that can be configured to meet the unique needs of each organization. Able to integrate with any EHR, clearinghouse or practice management system, the solution includes modules for:

– Revenue cycle automation: Discover new A/R insights through advanced reporting and predictive analytics, streamline billing and collection processes, prevent bounces, and automate tedious, time-consuming tasks.

– Computer Assisted Coding (CAC): Increase developer productivity while reducing rejections, missed charges, and low-risk results by facilitating faster decision-making.

– Computer Aided Professional Coding (CAPC): Streamline critical ambulatory coding practices with improved coding quality and actionable insights.

– Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI): Automate clinical record review and requests without using a single spreadsheet.

– Coding and Compliance Audit: Streamline proactive and retroactive audit processes to ensure the correct diagnostic and billing codes are being used.

“Using robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML), natural language processing and understanding (NLP/NLU) and more, the AGS AI platform delivers a paradigm shift in productivity and process optimization. And in parts of the revenue cycle that are not well-suited to automation, we supplement with services led by well-trained and college-educated RCM experts,” says Thomas Tathapudi, CIO of AGS Health. “We like to call this ‘AI with a human touch.'”


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