Tell us a little about your background

I studied fine art and photography, graduated in graphic design, used drawing and painting in the early years after school and then fell head over heels into the vibrant international film and television industry. I eventually worked my way up the ladder to cinematographer and director.

How did you get started with AI Art?

Digital art has always been a hobby and self-taught, since the world didn’t have a place to distribute digital art, I used it as a means to learn programs that would benefit my filmmaking career. Since jumping into the wonderful NFT vortex that has changed, digital art is now my main focus, film and TV work dried up during the COVID period and I’m in no rush to jump back into the wild world of working for foreign corporate portals save projects instead to choose to focus on my own contribution to the arts. Collaborating with and learning from the wonderful artistic community of NFT AI has enriched me with new wonderful and rapidly growing toolsets and beautiful remote friendships.

With my movie Tales of the weather, blessing of archers. we’re trying to do something I haven’t seen done before and it’s exciting, using the AI ​​art tools to infuse it with a VFX-like paintbrush. Keeping up with the rapidly evolving tools, the footage we were working on 4 months ago now looks like ancient images, I’m excited to see where this technology will take us in all areas of life and especially in filmmaking.

I am also an experimenter organic farmer and run a feeding scheme for local slums and children called Munchkin Kids of the world. Donation tokens created with my AI tools are coming soon. We have been feeding 350 people daily for the past 4 years.

Which AI Art tools do you use the most and why?

In 2020, I applied for midjourney and Dalle2, both of which happened to appear right after I started the collaboration with OG AI artist Indigoaura. This was my first personal venture into tools. By this point, I had gained valuable collaborative experience of what prompting could accomplish.

The first prompt I used was more of a question to Dalle2:

draw a portrait of yourself painting with artificial intelligence.

Tthe image was very curious and android-like image of a woman.

I immediately started lessons and purchased a google collab pro account. Back then Disco Diffusion had no Warp or Flow and no steady diffusion. These are all tools that I love and use almost daily. I look forward to owning a computer that can remotely control AI programs at home and not rely on the now radically expensive google Collab.

Tell us about some of your achievements

I was blessed to be one of the first 15,000 beta testers on Stable Diffusion and then one of the first 200 beta website users. They wanted us to test it and boy did we stress test this baby, I have thousands of wonderful and varied images that I created exploring what latent space it can provide with abstract language and poetry.

Disclaimer: I personally do not use or support the use of artist names other than my own, especially in my film Tales of the weather, going so far as to forbid use in my films when I collaborate , 10 years ago I started making my own films, Elven Sky, a feminine divine. As a director and producer, it won me a converted SASC Award for Cinematography and numerous nominations and awards internationally, including gold at the Miami Fashion FF.

Cold fusion/Tales of Time is my biggest production to date, in post production I started implementing the live action film using AI artistry as a VFX technique. The film’s original trailer won gold and multiple nominations.

I created an entry for ‘best use of cinema’ at the Media Lion Awards in Cannes, which won gold. I have a gold award for best BTS in a media key in Milan, a bronze award for SASC cinematography, a gold award for styling at the inaugural FFF in Miami, a gold award for a Tales of Time trailer in LA. I spent a day being tutored in directing and acting by the great Rutger Hauer and was cast as an extra alongside Meryl Streep and Jeff Bridges. The list goes on, I’ve had a wonderful and exciting career. Completing this Tales of Time as a complete and technically perfect film will be another wonderful achievement. On top of that, I was Tina Turner’s next slot on her last world tour. To be included in this wonderful AI community and this newsletter is also an achievement that I will cherish and cherish.

Along the way, I’ve also been lucky enough to befriend and work with some amazing artists. A few collaborations I’m involved in are AiRobotics, Timeless treasuresand The Spirit of Bruce Lee. I am currently busy collaborating with @NeverAloneNFT.

Any final thoughts?

I was born in crypto since 2017 and I have witnessed radical waves in the market. If you are involved and have doubts about the future of crypto and crypto art, don’t be! Just remember it’s a long game, keep going, keep your chins up and your wings out, together we as artists in this new artist economy can create a better life for ourselves. Value your IP and make beautiful and subversive art where needed. Artists can change the world. Be Parhelion and comprehensive.

Sun dog

PS Go get my tokens 😉—-5e5bef33608a—4

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