Airbnb to hosts: please stop taking pictures of guests

Ever wonder if your Airbnb visit includes a candid cam? Well, there’s good news for you and your stress levels, because you really don’t have to worry about it anytime soon. Airbnb has announced new privacy policies which completely prohibit the use of indoor cameras.

Previously, the company allowed hosts to keep cameras in common areas, but banned them in areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. Hosts technically had to disclose all cameras in the rental location, but this change removes any ambiguity (or problems for most of us who don’t read the entire listing description).

In addition to banning internal cameras, Airbnb has also restricted the use of external cameras. Hosts must disclose all exterior cameras on the property and these cameras cannot be directed indoors or in areas with "greater privacy expectations," such as outdoor showers or saunas. They may also use doorbell cameras and decibel noise monitors. However, the latter also requires disclosure and can only estimate decibel levels, not record or send sounds. Airbnb hosts can only place them in common spaces.

Any host found to be in violation of these policies may have their listing or entire account removed from Airbnb. If you’ve got spring travel planned, be sure to read your listing carefully to find out about any cameras – the new rules don’t come into effect until April 30.

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