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Amazon reduced Apple AirPods Pro by 30%, reducing it to $ 175 and saving you $ 75 in the process. Usually priced at $ 249, the Apple AirPods Pro continues to be one of the most sought after handsets at the moment, thanks to a number of great features. If you know these are the right headphones for you, click the purchase button below. Otherwise, read on as we explain why it’s worth buying at $ 75 off the regular price. As always, we cannot say how long this deal will last.

Why you should buy AirPods Pro

Apple AirPods Pro in the wireless charging case.

IN Apple AirPods Pro offers almost everything you might need for a pair of headphones. They are constantly ranked high among the best wireless headphones, there are many things to love in them. The most noticeable feature is the active noise reduction. The feature means that you can easily block external distractions, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music you are listening to. Each time you need to return to the outside world, you can switch to transparency mode and return to interacting with what is needed.

In addition, Apple AirPods Pro also offers surround audio with dynamic head tracking. The feature means that the sound seems to come from all around you, as if you were at a live concert. There is also an adaptive EQ that ensures that the music automatically adjusts to the shape of your ears, giving you a truly personal experience. The choice of three pointed silicone tips also guarantees you the right fit for comfort. Other features include sweat and water resistance, more than 24 hours total listening time when you consider the wireless charging case, plus quick access to Siri at any time. Simply put, Apple AirPods Pro are great versatile devices. Whether you want a pair of headphones to listen to while traveling to work, or you want to relax while exercising or running, these headphones are your concern. Everything in them radiates convenience, which makes them an attractive proposition.

More offers for AirPods that you can shop today

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