Aismalibar will attend The Battery Show Europe in Stuttgart, Germany from June 28 to 30, presenting its new solutions for EV battery systems at booth 637 in Hall 6.

Battery Show Europe is the largest demonstration of modern batteries and H / EV technology and a leading meeting place for automotive OEMs, battery manufacturers for electric vehicles, engineers, scientists and companies from the highest industry. Thermal fluctuations have a negative effect on battery charging capacity, safety and longevity. Therefore, the electric car revolution requires new battery designs that offer reliable and safe operation as well as fast and efficient charging.

Our new product range is designed to improve dielectric insulation and fast thermal transfer in battery packs, taking into account cost reduction, lifetime performance, safety and reliability.

COPPERFILLER and BOND SHEET CURED offer a highly efficient alternative solution to current thermal pastes or pads. The new COBRITHERM ALP is made of an aluminum base that is dielectrically insulated, designed to build structures, covers, partitions or radiators, among other solutions. It is completely insulated and guarantees excellent contact between the battery and the scattering elements.

Visit us at our booth 637 in Hall 6 to discover key technologies for EV battery systems. Our team will be happy to meet with you and provide more information about our products.


Aismalibar manufactures high-grade copper and metal laminates, as well as thermal interface materials, which are needed together to efficiently extract and remove heat from electronic systems at the source. The ability to skillfully design solutions that reduce the operating temperature of PCB modules and related components to ensure the quality and reliability of the final product is a core competence of Aismalibar.

Aismalibar to attend The Battery Show Europe – June 28th to 30th 2022

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