Cloud network specialist Alkira has launched Cloud Insights, a free tool to improve the network and security of enterprise cloud deployments.

Nearly a third (32%) of cloud spending is wasted, according to Flexera’s 2022 Cloud State Report, which identifies optimizing existing cloud resources as a top priority for businesses.

Cloud costs and network complexity accelerated during the pandemic, putting additional pressure on businesses to optimize their cloud deployments. Growth shows no signs of slowing this year, as IDC forecasts a 21.7% increase in cloud infrastructure spending for the rest of 2022.

Alkira Cloud Insights helps cloud architects and network administrators regain control of their cloud infrastructure. The tool provides customized recommendations on how to improve security, optimize costs, and increase cloud network performance in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure environments. It can help detect duplicate IP addresses, unauthorized Internet access, unused networks and security resources, improperly configured security group settings, and unreported dark IT resources, among other things.

“Many organizations have dramatically increased their cloud deployments at the beginning of Covid to support remote work and digital transformation,” said Amir Khan, CEO and Founder of Alkira. “Because the change was so sudden, the initial focus of many organizations was simply to make things work; deployments were far from optimized. Alkira Cloud Insights allows companies to do the equivalent of a little “spring cleaning” for their environments. The tool helps streamline cloud deployments, improve security and eliminate costly waste.

Cloud Insights performs rapid discovery of the organization’s AWS and Azure cloud networking environments. Companies will receive a complete and automated inventory of their network and security resources. They will also receive action data, including recommendations for improving cloud use, security and costs. Insights and findings are provided in an easy-to-use, centralized dashboard. There is also the option to configure automated reporting to keep up with the dynamic changes made in the cloud network environment.

Brad Cassmore, vice president of research, Datacenter and Multicloud Networks, IDC, said: “Networks that enable and maintain hybrid and multi-cloud solutions need to be smart enough to work optimally in an increasingly distributed landscape of cloud workloads and endpoints. . But it all starts with a meaningful audit and detecting, identifying and understanding what workloads are running in which clouds and providing insight into the networks and security positions associated with those workloads.

“Only with this foreknowledge can companies gain effective insights that provide valuable business benefits and results. With Cloud Insights, Alkira offers customers a free tool that helps provide a fundamental understanding of their cloud environments by laying the groundwork for informed improvements that improve the flexibility, efficiency, performance, resilience and security of cloud networks.

Existing customers get instant access to Cloud Insights through the Alkira portal. The company also makes it freely available to other corporate teams looking for a faster and easier way to audit their cloud properties.

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Alkira launches free tool to tame cloud bloat

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