Returning from the support of its prominent SMTconnect suppliers in Germany, Altus Group, a leading distributor of capital equipment in the United Kingdom and Ireland, announced increased interest in many products, including Koh Young’s new Meister S high-resolution inspection system.

Launched at SMTconnect, which welcomes leaders in the global electronics industry, the Meister Model S was at the heart of Koh Young’s booth and attracted a lot of attention from visitors to the show.

Based on the popular range of inspection platforms in both AOI and SPI processes, Meister is the industry-leading inspection system for advanced packaging and semiconductors. IN the new Meister S includes a 3.5 µm pixel resolution and a 25 MP high speed camera.

Anthony oh Technical Applications Manager, Altus said: “The reaction to the new Meister S in SMTconnect and after returning from the show is extremely positive. The new Model S is designed to meet the demand for wafer-level packaging applications.

“Koh Young has announced that the average impact size of 70 µm will be reduced to 50 µm in the near future. To meet the upcoming demand, the Meister S has been developed with a new camera optimized for high-speed imaging in a 24/7 production environment. The system also includes an updated lens system. This is an impressive addition to the AOI range and we predict it will be a popular choice for our customers this year.

“Any addition to Koh Young’s equipment portfolio is very welcome from the Altus team. As a world class leader in Inspection solutions based on 3D measurements, we know that their new system will be of the highest quality and a solid investment for our customers. ”

To learn more about the Koh Young Meister S High Resolution AOI system, contact Altus.

Altus Respond to Koh Young’s Successful New Semicon Focused Inspection System

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