Amazon Fresh is ready to open a new site in Sevenoux, Kent, becoming one of the first Amazon Fresh stores to open outside London.

According to Kent Onlineit is believed that the new store will open its doors in place of an ex-baby A precipice in Bly’s meadow.

Sevenoaks Cllr County Council leader Peter Fleming told Kent Online that recent job postings and ongoing site renovations suggest the move seems likely.

He said: “It is clear that the former Baby Gap store has worked with the level of work that would certainly be needed for what is described as the next generation store.

“It seems more and more likely that the former Baby Gap store in Bligh’s Meadow will be one of the first Amazon Fresh stores outside London.”

The trader opened his first grocery store in the United Kingdom in Ealing, London, last year. Selling ready-made meals, groceries and devices from Amazon, Amazon Fresh stores rely on technology to guide shopping, with purchases being recorded through ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors.

Cashless shop, users get access to the property via QR code on a smartphone, and their registered credit card is then charged when they leave the store.

Amazon Fresh to expand beyond London with Sevenoaks site

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