AMD will soon introduce a new feature in its Adrenalin software suite known as Noise Suppression that aims to tackle NVIDIA’s RTX Voice. The technology is being kept under wraps until its official launch, but the company accidentally released its introductory video ahead of the launch, which Redditors they were able to grab quickly.

AMD’s noise suppression uses deep learning algorithms and will offer a voice-like feature to NVIDIA’s RTX

NVIDIA introduced its RTX Voice technology with the Ampere range two years ago and uses Tensor Core technology to intelligently suppress and remove unwanted noise. The technology has become a big deal since it launched in the midst of the pandemic with several users working from home and students taking online classes. The majority of these users relied on built-in microphones or substandard microphones that are cheap and do the job, but you can never get rid of unwanted noise while doing your important work.

As such, NVIDIA created its RTX Voice feature that helped users use RTX or GTX GPUs to suppress background noise, bringing a day-night change to people’s lives. Now AMD is also planning to beef up their software suite and the leaked video shows how they will achieve this goal.


AMD “Noise Suppression” technology aims to allow users to communicate without distraction. This is achieved through the enhancement of intelligent audio, which will be powered by real-time AI or deep learning algorithms. The technology will allow noise adjustment in both directions, for both input and output sources. One of AMD’s main goals is to make sure its features are widely used, and the company has planned to make noise cancellation work in a variety of applications and games.

AMD states in the video that the technology is available now, so it looks like the feature will be available right when it launches. AMD will definitely provide a detailed guide for enabling Noise Suppression, but it should include a few simple steps to get you set up. I’m definitely excited to see AMD’s software stack expand with technologies similar to that of its competitor.

News sources: Video card , @ayxerious , Toms Hardware

AMD Noise Suppression Technology Is Red Team’s Answer To NVIDIA’s RTX Voice, Powered By Deep Learning

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