american airlines is partnering with Microsoft to improve the customer and crew experience.

The carrier plans to use the Microsoft Azure cloud platform to boost its digital transformation program.

American will migrate its data warehouse as well as legacy applications to the Azure Operations Center.

The airline says it wants to use data as well as other digital developments to optimize “every aspect of the airline’s customer experience and operations.”

He cites examples such as improved baggage tracking, automatic weather-based rerouting and the use of digital twins to simulate operations and increase efficiency.

Maya Leibman, Chief Information Officer, American Airlines, says: “With Microsoft Azure, American can innovate and accelerate its technological transformation by providing our team members with advanced tools to provide our customers with an enhanced travel experience. . “

A number of initiatives are already under way, including the use of artificial intelligence and data analysis for smart gates at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport to reduce taxi time, save fuel and give customers extra time to implement of connections.

American and Microsoft have also created the ConnectMe app to provide the carrier’s staff – including ground staff, maintenance team, pilots and flight attendants – with all the information needed to return the aircraft.

Previously, employees had to access information through a desktop computer or laptop.

Judson Althhoff, EVP and sales clerk at Microsoft, added: “As the airline industry continues to transform, building a digital foundation in the cloud will be essential for future sustainability.”

Boeing also recently announced a partnership to use Microsoft Cloud and AI capabilities to “update its technology infrastructure and critical applications.”

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