The Apple TV media player is about to get an update that will allow Siri to recognize individual users’ voices, allowing content to be tailored to commands.

The Recognize My Voice feature will make it easier to switch Apple TV profiles, play a user’s personal playlists, and get video recommendations based on their viewing habits.

It’s a feature that already exists on the HomePod speaker, and it’s great to see Apple bringing it to tvOS devices as part of the first tvOS 16.2 beta. It was first noticed by Sigmund Judge (via 9to5Mac)

Since the user’s voice will almost certainly be paired with an accompanying iPhone where Siri voice controls are already established, the voice will be identified automatically without going through a setup process.

In the release notes, Apple said: “Siri can recognize your voice to switch profiles, play your music or make personalized video recommendations. If your Apple TV is in your home or added to your home later, your Siri voice profile from your iPhone will be linked to your home so that Siri can recognize your voice on that Apple TV and any current or future Siri-enabled devices in your home.”

Apple also says Siri on Apple TV is getting a new design, and users will simply be able to ask “Siri what to watch” and get personalized recommendations on what to watch. “The more compact design of Siri on Apple TV allows users to quickly review results without leaving the action on the screen,” says Apple.

The feature appears to be down right now, but there’s plenty of time to get it sorted before Apple releases tvOS 16.2 in the coming weeks and months.

Siri upgrade could change the way we use Apple TV forever

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