Microsoft unveiled a fresh array of devices empowered by artificial intelligence on Monday, introducing the new Copilot+ PCs. CEO Satya Nadella heralded these devices as the “fastest, most intelligent Windows PCs ever built,” highlighting collaborations with Dell Technologies, Qualcomm, Intel, and Advanced Micro Devices. These new devices leverage the Copilot+ platform to deliver enhanced performance and user experiences, setting a new benchmark for Windows PCs. While this article delves into the lineup of devices presented by Microsoft, further exploration into the Copilot+ version is also available.

The Copilot+ PCs harness the Snapdragon X series, executing AI workloads locally with superior performance. At the event held at Microsoft’s campus, it was emphasized that Copilot+ PCs host advanced AI assistants that operate directly on the device. Let’s delve into the devices unveiled during the event.

Surface Laptop

The Surface Laptop spearheads the Copilot+ PC lineup, showcased as lightning-fast devices fueled by Snapdragon X Elite and Plus processors. Featuring a touch display with up to 600 nits brightness, available in 13.8 and 15-inch variants, these laptops boast a high AI index. With AI-accelerated capabilities, users can access features such as Recall, enhanced Windows Studio effects, and real-time automatic Live Captions, enriching productivity. Pre-order pricing for the Surface Laptop starts at $999.99.

Surface Pro

The Surface Pro, an upgrade of the aforementioned Surface Laptop, epitomizes speed with its 11th edition. It boasts an OLED cinematic touchscreen display and an all-day battery life, providing up to 14 hours of video playback. Equipped with Copilot in Windows, an AI-powered companion, and advanced front camera capabilities, including 4K video capture and stellar low-light performance, the Surface Pro delivers a premium user experience. Pre-order pricing for the Surface Pro starts at $999.99.

Acer Swift 14 AI

The Acer Swift 14 AI laptop, propelled by Snapdragon, offers an immersive AI-driven experience, enhancing video calls, gaming optimization, and real-time translations. With a 14.5-inch touch display, 32GB RAM, and up to 1TB expandable storage, this laptop is priced at $1,100.

HP Omnibook X

Featuring the Snapdragon X Elite CPU and up to 32GB RAM, the HP Omnibook X promises powerful performance. Priced at $1,200, this laptop boasts a multitouch-enabled 14-inch display, dual speakers with HP audio boost technology, and Wi-Fi 7 integration.

HP EliteBook Ultra G1q

With Snapdragon X Elite CPU and an NPU capable of over 40 trillion operations per second, the HP EliteBook Ultra G1q ensures blazing-fast AI tasks execution. Priced at $1,700, this laptop offers a 14-inch touch display and 16GB RAM, embodying both style and performance.

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x

Powered by the Snapdragon X Elite chipset, the Lenovo Yoga Slim 7x promises exceptional performance with a vibrant display and robust battery life. Priced starting at $1,300, this device is designed for creators on the move.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge series:

With AMOLED display panels, Snapdragon X Elite processors, and versatile connectivity options, the Samsung Galaxy Book4 Edge series starts at $1,350, catering to diverse user needs.

ASUS Vivobook S 15

Featuring the Snapdragon X Elite processor and innovative AI-centric applications, the ASUS Vivobook S 15 offers a seamless user experience. Priced at $1,300, this device boasts a 15.6-inch OLED screen and a host of intelligent features.

Dell laptops

Dell’s extensive lineup of Copilot+ PCs includes models such as the XPS 13, Inspiron 14, Inspiron 14 Plus, Latitude 5455, and Latitude 7455. Powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X line chipset, these laptops deliver unparalleled performance and AI-centric functionalities.