Anthropic makes its Claude AI easier to access on mobile devices. The company released a Claude mobile app for iOS that any user can download for free. Like the mobile web version of the chatbot, the app syncs users’ conversations with Claude across devices, allowing them to switch from computer to app (or vice versa) without losing their chat history. Users will also be able to upload files and images straight from their iPhone gallery — or take a photo on the spot — if they need Claude to process or analyze them in real time. They will be able to download and access the Claude app regardless of the plan they use, even if they don’t pay for the service.

If they decide to pay for Claude, they now have a new option other than Pro. The new team plan provides more use than the Pro tier so members can have more conversations with the chatbot. It also allows users to process longer documents, such as research papers and contracts, thanks to its 200,000 context window. The Team plan also gives users access to the Claude 3 family of models, which includes Opus, Sonnet, and Haiku. It will cost subscribers $30 per user per month, with a minimum of five users per team.

Back in March, Anthropic said in a blog post that its Claude 3 language model outperformed Google’s ChatGPT and Gemini in several key industry benchmarks. It was better at college-level reasoning, multilingual math and coding (among many other metrics), the company said, showing the Claude 3’s benchmark results against its toughest competitors. The most powerful Claude 3 model, the Opus, even apparently displayed “almost human” capabilities with fast response, making it ideal for more complex and time-sensitive tasks.