As the development of its AR glasses nears the release of v.1, Apple’s innovation engine continues to grow – and now the company is investing in content to drive service revenue in what is expected to be a challenging macroeconomic environment.

Dance nimble, dance light

Apple’s teams of economists, accountants, lobbyists and managers send information from all over the planet, which is why the company knows that to survive in the coming years, it must continue to diversify its business.

Yes, it can’t produce Macs and iPads fast enough, and yes, while it works to start manufacturing products outside of China, the company is terribly exposed to the continued decline in the global order. But that doesn’t mean Apple can’t think laterally about how to proceed generate good business in a difficult environment. The company has been doing this for years. Its focus on services – which accounted for 23.6% of its net revenue in the quarter just gone – is part of that, and it’s an approach every business should explore.

But building a new feature requires thought, time, effort and investment, which is potentially why Apple spends more on content. Think aggressively investing in sports content for TV+, striking deals with MLB and MLS, with others, such as the NFL, also hot tips. Also consider the tens movies and shows reported in just the last two weeks and the status of some of the stars he works with. None of these things come cheap, but once the filming is done, the content created becomes an Apple product, just like everything else it invests in.

Apple still doesn’t seem to be satisfied. Most recently, we learned that he has struck a deal with podcast creator Futuro. This deal reflects the company’s drive to find and capture new TV+ shows as it seeks to improve content sales to its nearly 860 million existing service subscribers. An apple gets first chance to turn any podcast into a movie or TV show under this deal. It clearly intends to build a very large collection of high-quality, watchable and repeatable content.

How to build your digital business

I know you didn’t come Computer world to examine Apple’s long list of successful media content deals, but this activity represents at least three important traits that every digital business can learn from, especially since every business today is digital.

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