Rumors of an Apple Car were in vogue a few years ago, but have recently become much quieter, with rumors that the company may have reduced its ambitions after several key figures left the project.

Apple expanded its vision with CarPlay, bought in-game key sharing with Apple Watch and iPhones, and it was thought the project could be dropped.

However, according to a Bloomberg Tuesday’s report, Apple Car is still very much alive with the planned launch of a self-driving car right after 2025.

The report says Apple is still planning to launch a vehicle, despite announced changes in strategy in the internal debate on how to proceed with the project. “Today’s report says the current plan is to do something completely autonomous and remove both the traditional steering wheel and the pedals. The company also strives to emphasize safety with its vehicle. “

The latest update comes with news, according to reports that Apple has hired a key figure from Ford who “helped lead the safety and engineering efforts of vehicles” in the inherited car company. Apple did not comment on Desi Uikashevich’s reported hiring, while Ford said it had resigned from the company.

Desi Uikashevich has worked for Ford for more than 30 years, the report said, and could now take on a similar role for Apple. However, Uikashevich has taken on a number of engineering roles in the company that could be useful to Apple.

She is also involved in the development of Ford’s growing range of electric vehicles, such as the EV version of the F-150 pickup. This could be key for Apple, as well as its experience in “dealing with regulatory issues, something that will be key for Apple to get a car on the road.”

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